Still Standing on Day 12 of #NaPoWriMo

lizards on shovel figurine,violets,5 o'clock flowers,johnny jump up flowers

after the storm
the walnut tree uprooted
flowers still standing

Today’s prompt from the PAD Challenge was to write a poem about damage. We could write about storm damage or physical or psychological damage. I wrote a haiku that covers storm damage but is a comment on being willing to bend. Do you know why the storms rip up the big trees but not the flowers? The flowers are flexible and bend, but the trees don’t bend. Do you wonder why the walnut trees fall over and leave their roots sticking up in the air, but the maples split? The walnuts are hardwoods and don’t bend at all, so the force of the winds topples them over. The maple trees are softwoods and they splinter or loose branches, but they do bend a little so they don’t normally fall over.
Couldn’t quite make this work in cinquain form so I stuck with a haiku. What form have you been writing in lately?


Share your thoughts on this piece.

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