Confessing on Day 13 of #NaPoWriMo

single rose, close up of a rose,rose bud



He said,

that the pressure was too much for

a boy like him to date

a girl like me,

she says.

Does anyone else remember always spelling the word “bestfriend” as one word and the word “Wal-Mart” as a hyphenated word? I know that when websites became a big deal, the Walton son who is now in charge of Walmart, decided that to simplify things he would change his store’s name and make it one word “Walmart.” But I don’t remember when the powers that be decided that “best friend” needed to be two words? I see that boyfriend is still one word.
I would encourage you to follow the link to the challenge and read the poems in the comments.  There are some really good and creative poetry being shared this month. I would also really like to see more people sharing poetry on Twitter and Facebook since it is National Poetry Month. Today’s challenge was to write a confession. What did you write today?


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