Half Way Through #NaPoWriMo Day 15

porceline frog, frog figurine, garden statue,flowerbed decoration

porcelain blue frog
doesn’t eat the red wasps
he is a fake


So we are halfway through National Poetry Writing Month. Today’s challenge from Robert Lee Brewer’s blog was to write a poem about an adjective. I struggled with this because Tanka and Cinquain are supposed to have a one word title, and that title acts like an extra line. Haiku do not have a title. But for some reason I just couldn’t pick a random word and then write about it. I had to look out my window at my flowerbed and write about what I saw. We are just now starting to see red wasps, and my flowers are still short so I could see my son’s blue frog that he got from my mom. I will say that I am proud of myself. I have written for the challenge, that I said I would, for 15 days straight. How are you doing on your personal challenges?


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