Thinking about the past on Day 27 of #NaPoWriMo

little boy shoes,end of the path,end of the road,end of the sidewalk,jumping off point,

I Took the Road Not Taken and Found the Other Path.

The road not taken was beneath my feet
The grass was not trodden down
Because I was not going to be beat
My mission to be something I would complete
I was not the only one trying to get out of that town
The paths twisted like the gnarled branches of an oak
But I maintained that I had chose
As around me I pulled my cloak
The grass was green and not a single blade broke
It felt good on my toes
To have both lives was to cheat
But in chasing the dreams I was told to chase
I dreamt about the path with a rear facing seat
To wear high heels upon my feet
I could not walk down to that place
It is ages since I have made the call
What I found was I did not have to choose one
Through the underbrush I did not crawl
It was just one path after all
The roads twisted together and I found the sun
So I have been working on this poem for a while. Around a year actually. When I do stanzas with patterns it always trips me up. The prompt from the PAD challenge inspired me to finish it today; the prompt was to write a looking back poem. Do you know the poem that originally inspired me? I had a couple of really great lines come to me for this poem but I just couldn’t get them into the flow of the poem so I left them out. “It was just one path that twisted back on itself” was a line that I felt I had to cut. Have you ever written a poem as a nod to a great piece of literature?


One thought on “Thinking about the past on Day 27 of #NaPoWriMo

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