Tanka Dust


putting my hands
in black wet messy dirt
is better than putting
my heart in the public’s hands
where they can grind it to dust

I wrote this for a prompt I saw on Twitter. I think it is pretty self-explanatory. Gardening is therapeutic. I really suggest that everyone try it. You can get a small container and try something easy.
dirt in flower pot, sprouts in dirt

Speaking of putting your heart in the public’s hands: I helped a friend get started blogging! She started a blog last week and she has some posts up at Deb’s Bees and Berries. I think that blogging is good for a person’s soul. I think that it is an excellent way to express yourself and examine your life. She is going to write about her adventures in farming strawberries and owning a hive of bees. Please stop by and give her some encouragement, it would mean so much to me.


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