The Perfect Pair of Jeans

lily with stripes,lily with dots,lily fully open,bloom,flower

The Perfect Pair of Jeans

Cotton has never been so strong

And felt so good

Blue has never made me so happy

Orange thread holds together

The thing that holds happiness for me

The size is smaller than last winter

The way I feel when

I slide them on

Sexy, confident, fit

Ready to face the day

In material that can

Stand up to anything

It covers me and protects me

From wind, rain, and staring eyes

Eyes that can’t guess that pain

Courses down these legs

Or make guesses at

How I got my scar

Until I pull out the shorts

That make me feel cute

And catch the eye of that guy

His eyes never go

All the way down

To feet covered in scars

My butt looks good

And even I forget

About the scars no one sees

This blue cloth makes me feel

Whole and able to take on the day

Here is one of my longer poems, just to keep things interesting.
What is one of your favorite items of clothing?


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