Summer Haiku

whisp of cloud,cloud against sun,sunlight,summer sun,
the clouds
let some light in Tuesday
because it was summer

I wrote this over a year ago and forgot to share it. It is the same with Saturday’s post. Click here to see it, if you missed it while you celebrated Independence Day.


5 thoughts on “Summer Haiku

      • Not so much now that it’s windy. But this is not just a single blaze or a single area — rather it involves hundreds of large-tract wildfires burning in BC, northern Alberta and northern Saskatchewan. Some northern towns have been evacuated; some homes have burned. We hear even Vancouver is in a haze of smoke right now from forest fires burning near the coast.


        • That makes me feel sorry for my Canadian friends! If I could send you guys some of the water we have here in the Midwest I would!! The towns around me are flooding so bad some of them are closed and roads are washed out.


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