Ignorance| a poem

single rose,lone rose,rose bud,winter,rose in wintertime,

Ignorance on the floor below me
She doesn’t remember
She is struggling to understand
I try not to get angry
Remember she hadn’t been born yet
When the towers fell
If you are ever reading a poem of mine and you are unsure of what it is about, the tags I use will always give you a clue. If you really like the poem you are reading, you can click on the tags of that poem and find similar poetry to read here on my blog.


3 thoughts on “Ignorance| a poem

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  2. Profound…people are shaped not only by the world they live in and the experiences they’ve had, but also by what they’ve missed. It’s like the “negative space” of a sculpture, the air between the curves of alabaster. It’s as much a part of the sculpture as the carefully carved rock.

    Also wanted to tell you that your photo is quite striking.


    • Thank you Jan! I worked for a while to set that photo up. We were snowed in, but my husband had bought me a rose for my birthday so I was playing around with it. I took several photos with it in different places.
      I love your comment about negative spaces! What you cut away matters as much as what you leave.

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