river bank,the missouri river,

I tell myself
that I picked this island
it’s lush and tropical
I’m happy to be here
but the truth is
the captain threw me overboard
he left me stranded here
and I’ve no way home

This poem was also written for a prompt on Twitter, but whenever I saved it in Evernote I forgot to add which prompt inspired me. I have gotten better about remembering since I have decided to share them all.

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4 thoughts on “Stranded

  1. I like the deeper meaning I see here. Don’t we often end up stranded on an island of our own wishing or daydreams?

    Can you clue me in. Are we only allowed to Follow one poet at Bloglovin? (Not that I know any of the others.) And if we follow you there, does that mean we’re following you twice?


    • If you are following me through WordPress and Bloglovin’ then you are following me twice. If you use both readers, you will want to do that. When you make your Bloglovin’ account you can follow as many people and their blogs as you want. Their site has been messing up for me lately, so it is hard for me to tell if I am following blogs or people, and which ones I am following. I think they are trying to keep track of new followers only and it is making it hard to get around.


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