My first small stone poem of 2015.

evening clouds,


I folded my feelings
and tucked them away
with the summer clothes
you don’t need storms
you prefer a quiet cabin
in which to plan our life

We are now into the small stone poetry that I began writing in 2015. Everything I have been sharing in the last 2 months was written in 2014. This one is from early in January, it was written for a Written River prompt and was first posted on Twitter to that hashtag.
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3 thoughts on “My first small stone poem of 2015.

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    • I was talking to the other person the whole time. A woman is speaking this whole poem to her partner. The sentence starting with the word “you” lets the reader know this poem is being spoken to someone, I put it in the middle so it would be a little different. I don’t like to start out all of my poems in the same way.


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