August in Newton County

bloom of foget me not flower,blue star flower,

August in Newton County
Forget-me-not plant seeking shade
the sun is too harsh
looking to see if
the sun has scorched my flower
summer afternoons

I have a lot of haiku that I have not shared with you, and I wanted to share my haiku about August while it was still August, so I gave you two poems to read today. These were written about a year apart.
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One thought on “August in Newton County

  1. I have some Forget Me Not just like the one in your picture. One on the side of our garage, 1/2 sun has been blooming for a month, deer never ate it. One in our front yard, planted from seed, took so long to germinate, and then deer kept eating it but now that it is blooming they seem to leave it alone, full sun on that one. Am I boring you yet – lol?


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