Flowers On The Sill Fade

how marigolds look when they go to seed,marigold seed pods,

blind fingers grope
flowers on the sill fade
they could not find the sun


I have a group of haiku that was written about sick family members, or friends that had passed away. They are the most special to me, but I have trouble sharing them. I decided to share this one with you, but I am keeping the others to myself for a while.


12 thoughts on “Flowers On The Sill Fade

  1. I understand that, needing to keep a piece of writing for yourself.

    I love this haiku, just the thought that the flowers couldn’t find the sun despite being so close to it.


  2. Sometimes the most personal stuff is the stuff that really resonates with other people. This haiku definitely touched me, especially with the accompanying picture. Well done, and thank you for sharing.


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