burgandy iris,red and yellow iris,flower in the sun,the sun,


The bitter taste of medicine
the sweet taste of clarity.
The small stomach ache
we give for a moment
of feeling normal.

I almost hate to post it, or say it….. but…. I have been doing so much better. I still have days that I hurt. I am still overweight, I still get fatigued and I get muscles spasms, but I have been doing better. I try to balance taking medicine like Aleve that makes my stomach hurt, with needing pain-free moments. Because if I am going to be 100% pain-free I usually have to take something, and the next day my stomach usually hurts. This poem was inspired by a great prompt on Twitter which is #MSpoetry. I highly recommend you check it out.


3 thoughts on “Bittersweet

    • Sorry I haven’t answered you until now! I’ve barely had time to do anything, my kiddo is just getting over a cold and his dad caught it!
      If you want to read about my health struggles in detail, you can go here

      Basically, I don’t have a condition or a disease, if I had a name people would be more aware of my struggles. I suffer from chronic back and leg pain, and occasional neck pain. The vertebrae in my lower back often pop out of place and that strains the muscles around them, which causes my upper back and neck to go out. I try to exercise to keep them in place but that only helps so much. My left leg is about 1/4 of an inch shorter than the right. I wear a lift inside my shoe to make up the difference, but I can’t shower with my shoes on. At night I often take my shoes off to relax, then forget and walk to the kitchen for a drink, and that is not good for me. I used to take a lot of Aleve and that messed up my stomach and now I have a sensitive stomach.


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