All of the things dragging me to the floor.

snow,snowfall,mouse statue,hidden in the snow,

The One Thing I Said
everything I didn’t say
began to choke me
I know that I yelled
I know it was uncalled for
and it confused you
just be thankful
I only yelled about one thing
and not all of the things
dragging me to the floor
so many things are trying to
silence me forever
I had to let them know
I still have a voice

My long time readers probably noticed that I didn’t post a quote on Friday like I usually do. Well, Friday was a really bad day on all fronts. I am not superstitious, but that was the worst Friday the 13th I have ever had and the worst day I have had in a LONG time. Yesterday probably was probably bad too. Luckily I have about 6 weeks of Haiku set to post on Mondays. I will try to get some of my micropoetry scheduled to post as well. Sickness still has a hold on my son and he had a fever all weekend. He has a virus so all I can do is fight the fever and play with him. I almost had a panic attack in Walmart on Friday night when I went to pick up his meds. My physical health is not 100% and work is getting really stressful.
If things were going smoother on Monday, and going as planned, I had a double root canal followed by getting double crowns that afternoon. Check my Twitter, I will try to post updates to it this week.


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