My actual 1st Friday Fictioneers Story

rose moss, yellow rose in black and white, single flower in black and white

So if you are subscribed to my blog you know that I have written some short stories, but was too scared to share them. This is the first 100-word story that I ever wrote for Friday Fictioneers. I did not share it because I chickened out. I believe I wrote it on August 30, 2014. Here is the post that inspired it. What do you think?  Would you like to see more 100-word stories?

Remember – the photo below is what inspires the story – it is not mine.



photo credit: Madison Woods


Thy Name Is…
 She wished she knew its name.
That would bring her some comfort. If she could give a name to what had taken her best friend, she would feel better. She was sure this was the thing because she could see that her dog Molly had chewed on it. Slobber still foamed from Molly’s mouth.
She wondered if it would hurt her if she got any on her. Molly deserved a proper burial. She carefully put her hands under Molly’s back, lifted her, and carried her toward the shade tree in the backyard.

3 thoughts on “My actual 1st Friday Fictioneers Story

  1. I liked this story. I can’t imagine why you would have been hesitant to share it, but I’m glad you finally did. I look forward to reading more of your prose and your poetry as well. Welcome to FF!


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