Where Winter Wind Can’t Reach

cold outside,winter in the window,snow,snowfall,looking through the window
put morning glory
vine in the garage today
where winter wind can’t reach

It is officially winter. Have you had snow yet? Is it even cold where you live?


2 thoughts on “Where Winter Wind Can’t Reach

  1. You folks can actually overwinter a morning glory vine?
    We had little snow until about the 6th, then a snowstorm left us a nice blanket that’s been added to several times since. And a bit of fog has left us hoar-frosted trees, so we have a true “winter wonderland” scene today

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  2. Think we’ve had 1/2 inch snow here in Ohio so far this season. Unseasonably warm this week, saying 60 degrees for tomorrow. Going towards breaking the warmest December temperature average here in Cleveland.

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