Tanka Tuesday

peppermint hollyhock

I have decided that since I have written so many tanka, it might be fun to do Tanka Tuesday for a while. I will post them in chronological order, skipping the tanka that I have already posted. Leave me some Likes and comments if you like this kind of poetry.


Unexpected Death

Have a good day says
the lady at the drive through.
I do not have time
to explain that I cannot.
Unexpected death.

(RIP Alice Mullin)


2 thoughts on “Tanka Tuesday

  1. Having been “the lady at the drive-through window” for several years, I can appreciate what you’re saying.
    However, we can actually have a good day even at a funeral, thanks be! Because GOOD doesn’t mean “bubbling over with joy.” The time spent can be good even when everyone is soberly paying their last respects, or you’re hard at it trying to figure out a tough problem at work.


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