FF The Last Set of Stairs

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stair case,steps,cracked steps,hand rail,railing,


  The Last Set of Stairs

He said her dreams lay at the top.

She wrinkled her nose at the dirty steps. It was obvious that no caretaker had been here. How could he be rich and have servants if the steps leading up to his home were this dirty?

Jolene let his hand drop from hers and backed away. The pain in his face became too much to bear, so she turned around. She walked quietly back to her car.

John walked up the servant’s entrance to his family’s 150 year old mansion. The diamond ring in his pocket poking him with every step.

16 thoughts on “FF The Last Set of Stairs

  1. Poor guy! But I’d be pretty suspicious, too — looks like these steps could lead to a cemetery, both literally and figuratively.

    I hope you’re enjoying these prompts; it seems to me you’re getting better all the time at writing short tales. One thought:
    It was obvious that no caretaker had been here.
    Here’s where an adverb could save you a few words to use later for more description. Like Obviously no caretaker had touched these for years.


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