Day 5

being last in line
the Zs hate alphabetizing
can’t we just line up

Hello and Thank You to all of my new followers. I am so glad to have you. When I get some time I will try to look at your blogs. I am now full-time at my job and so I don’t have as much time I as used to for blogging. That is probably part of the reason that I struggled to get a poem posted today. I also just found the prompt really hard. Today’s prompt was “zee” or “zed”.

If you are unsure of the rules/definition/form of haiku then please go to my What is Haiku? page. Feel free to direct any person who may be unsure of what is happening in the poetry community this month to that page.
Also tell them to check out the Facebook page where most of us haiku poets meet to get a prompt and share our work. Today’s prompt is ”

Even if you don’t write haiku, or even if it isn’t your favorite type of poetry, please consider sharing your friends and favorite blogger’s work this month. It is getting harder and harder to share on social media as all of the sites like Facebook now hide your posts (in hopes that you will pay to make them appear). So please subscribe to and follow me and any other poets that you like and check the hashtag #NaHaiWriMo on Twitter.

red cannas,blooming cannas,dwarf cannas


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