Delicate Flower Haiku

moonflower bud,closed moonflower,moonflowers during the day,

morning light too bright
for the delicate flower
she twists herself shut


Things are the same with my kiddo. He either has pneumonia or asthma. He is on some really strong antibiotics and he has just started Singulair. He is going to take it at night, I am hoping that if I give it to him at bedtime, right as he goes to bed, that it won’t make him hyper. The doctor told me back on the 3rd that he would cough for the next 6 weeks.
He is normally a very active and bouncy kiddo. It is weird to see him just sit for hours. He is usually hanging off of something or jumping off of something, or battling with toys in the floor. The only good thing about him feeling bad is he wants to cuddle. So I have gotten a lot of cuddles in this past month, but that is only because he is sitting still on the couch with me. I am hoping this round of meds will get rid of whatever is wrong with him.


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