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Friday Fictioneers is a group of bloggers who write 100-word stories after being inspired by a photo posted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. We are allowed to use the photo in our post and encouraged to leave each other comments. I always appreciate anyone who takes the time to leave a comment on any of my posts. I write my story before I read any of the other writers’ creations. This week’s story started out at 134 words and I shrunk it to 100 words.

river out a window,antiques,rushing water,riverbank,

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The Kind Baker

“Make sure to stand far enough back that no blood splatters on you.”

John had Billy opened the window. It was stuffy inside of the office.

“I’m not an idiot John, I’ve shot people before.”

“I want that bakery. It has a prime location.”

“The baker gets his flour on Tuesday nights. I will get it done then.”

The little boy tiptoed under the window. He headed uphill toward the Police Station. He knew who the Chief was because he always made him move his sleeping spot. He knew the baker because he always gave the street kid free bread.


9 thoughts on “FF Story | The Kind Baker

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  2. Sounds good, but I was a bit confused at first read, thinking Billy was the boy under the window. Maybe “A little boy….” Or “An eavesdropping urchin tiptoed away from the open window and headed for the Police Station.” I think Uphill is immaterial here.


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