FF Story | Jenny’s Garden

Friday Fictioneers is a group of bloggers who write 100-word stories after being inspired by a photo posted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. We are allowed to use the photo in our post and encouraged to leave each other comments. I always appreciate anyone who takes the time to leave a comment on any of my posts. I write my story before I read any of the other writers’ creations. This week’s story is 100 words exactly. I tried to post it Friday but my internet freaked out.


Photo Credit Ted Strutz


  Jenny’s Garden

Jenny had used her anger for energy and plowed the garden.

John had good intentions when he robbed that bank. He didn’t like seeing Jenny break her back working on the farm.

She huffed out a breath when the hoe got stuck in the ground. As she jerked the hoe out of the ground, she heard a rip, and then saw green.

The prosecutor had managed to convict John because he had John on tape carrying out the money in a gunny sack. John had refused to tell them where the money was.

Jenny wasn’t going to tell them either.


11 thoughts on “FF Story | Jenny’s Garden

  1. Almost as good as the wife killing her husband by hitting him over the head with frozen lamb chop and serving the “murder weapon” to her dinner guests, the detectives (an Alfred Hitchcock Presents story from back in the 50’s). I liked Jenny’s kind of a nonchalant type of attitude. Good job, Symmantha!

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  2. The prosecutor had managed to convict John because he had John on tape…
    This line reads awkwardly — too many had’s IMO. How about, “The prosecution nailed John because he’d been caught on tape…”

    All round this is a good effort — though I wonder about Jenny plowing the garden, then catching the bag with a simple hoe. Possible, I guess.


    • She was plowing it with the hoe. They were too poor to afford a plow. I thought saying she hoed the garden with a hoe would be repetitive. I tried re-working the other line with two had’s but I couldn’t figure out a way to do it and stay within the 100 word count. I have also had a really busy week and I didn’t have two days to spend on this one like I have before. I wanted to get my story up before I leave town.


      • I thought that a time issue was likely the case. Here’s hoping you have a great weekend away.

        The hoe bit threw me. If folks here are too poor for a plow (like us:) ), they spade up their gardens using a spade. We wouldn’t get much accomplished with a hoe.


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