Bare Poetry

tree in winter,trees with no leaves,diciduous trees,

Bare Trees

Bare trees
broken down with nothing to hide.
They’re not dancing in a mascaraed ball
trying to impress a suitor.
They just are.
With arms lifted they shout
here I am.
They aren’t trying to hide anything.
They are so transparent
you can see houses through them.
They don’t bend their branches
to try to hide their roots.
They stand naked before you
and dare you to judge them
tangled birds’ nests and all.
They are stoic
as winter winds beat against them.
If only people
could be as honest and open
as the trees.


I thought you guys might need a break from the mommy poetry so I decided to share this today. I will get back in town tomorrow, but I will not have time to respond to any comments until this weekend.


3 thoughts on “Bare Poetry

    • Thank you Jan! I like my long poetry more than my haiku, but I know most people come here for the haiku. Thanks for catching that typo, my husband failed to spell check that for me. I have him double check as you can’t ever trust Microsoft Word.

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