The Other Side of Midnight

neosho street flowers,springtime,
  The Other Side of Midnight
I keep looking at the sun
Because I’m confused
It feels like it’s still midnight
And everything is frozen
And the world isn’t moving
But people are moving and the sun is shining
It’s the other side of midnight
Where the clouds look like cotton
And everything is shiny
But I feel like it’s 2am and nothing
Good happens after 2am because
Everyone is tired and their ability
To make sound decisions is gone
Everyone is supposed to be still
Only the animals should be out of bed
Yet here we are up and walking around
As if there are things we can accomplish
By simply being outside
But just being here isn’t enough
I am present all day long and yet
Nothing good transpires
Forcing a smile does not make the sun shine
Rainbows will not cross the sky and sparkle
It’s the other side of Midnight
things are still going horribly wrong
  April 2015
I wrote this after coming across a MadVerse prompt on Twitter. The prompts on Twitter are usually meant to inspire you to write short poetry. But I went long with “the other side of midnight.”

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