The Glow of Tomorrow

sun rise, the sun, early morning

The Glow of Tomorrow


I see it over the top of the hill

The glowing orb of promise

Trying desperately to get to it

Iโ€™ve slipped and fallen

The urgency of getting away from today

Snaps at me like a bullwhip

So I dig my fingers into the flesh of the earth

Ripping up grass in my hurry

To catch the glow that promises

A fresh start, a new day

The depressing rain has softened the earth

Making my path muddy and slippery

Standing in what remains of this day

Cannot be done, my legs are too weak

So I crawl, pulling myself through the mud

I have to move, leave this place

Catching up with the sun

Finding tomorrow

and the strength it holds

Is my only hope

If I dwell on the shadows of today

Iโ€™ll never rise again

I am so thankful for every new day that I am given. I try very hard to be thankful for what I have in the moment and not dwell on what went wrong yesterday.


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