In a time of Distress

coffee cup,spoon and cup,clean dishes,

This is a psalm written by me.

In a Time of a Distress

Writing to keep the demons away,

writing to keep my fears at bay.

How silly it looks written down,

why am I wearing this frown?

Worry paves a path across my forehead.

My mind fills with dread.

Pacing in the kitchen I pray:

“Healthy and happy, let us all stay.”

So many things to wash, no time to sit still.

To forget about this I do not have the will.

So I pick up The Good Book for comfort

where He talks about all kinds of hurt.

God is there in Heaven above

with mercy He sends down His great love.

A sigh of relief slips past my lips.

I have found some good coping tips.

He will not give us more than we can carry,

but tonight the future is scary.

One day there will be no more tears

with this I silence my fears.

Sitting here I pray for the easy path,

praying to escape the wrath

of whatever demon lies beyond my door.

The battle will make me love God more.

Give me a sword God, give me a shield,

help me to make it across this field.


This post linked to dVerse on 12-13-2016. Click here to see the other poets’ work.


15 thoughts on “In a time of Distress

  1. TiMe
    mY FriEnd..
    FEar iS alWays
    A eneMy oF aLL
    And Father oF All stuff
    Love anD
    Hope wiNs
    aLL iN Victory
    oF JuSt DoinG
    Love All
    mY friEnd.. noW
    iN Original Greek
    Definition oF New
    Apocalypse wayS..Now2..:)

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  2. Welcome to dVerse. Please come and join us again! The rhythm of your poem was excellent, giving a hint of hurry. And yes, we get frightened byt our Lord understands. If you haven’t, please look up the writings of Ann Voskamp. I think you will like her.

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  3. Thank you so much for coming to dVerse and sharing this! I think sometimes, we all need to take a pause and regroup — whether through spiritual thoughts, savoring a cup of tea, or a myriad of other ways. Sadly, for some, this Christmas season full of happy piped in music everywhere we go, candy canes and red and green decorations….a time to make merry is anything but for some people who are battling their own demons. You’ve expressed your thoughts here very well.
    A quick favor: could you please add the tag dVersepoets That way, others can find their way to our site and perhaps write with the prompt as well.
    SOOO glad you joined us! Come again! We post prompts on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays — although there will be a holiday break coming up. The calendar is posted on the site in the upper left corner.


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