International Blog Delurking Week

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Image by Mel from Stirrup Queens

I have stumbled upon something and I think it’s great and I think we all need to participate this year.

Apparently, the first full week of January has been declared International Blog Delurking Week some time long ago. It runs this year from the 1st until the 8th.

If you are a blogger, I think you need to make a post about this holiday. (check my source here) Fellow blogger Mel has even given us an image for the holiday. I would ask that you visit her blog and say “Thanks” if you use the image.

If you are a reader, you need to leave a comment. If you are a blogger I hope you leave comments on the blogs where you lurk.

It is fairly easy. Leave a comment in the comment section below admitting that you’re here. You can show that you’re here with a one-word “here” comment or you can tell us a bit about yourself. Mel from Stirrup Queens suggested that her readers tell her about their favorite book. I would love to know about your favorite book.

So….. who’s here??

old friends
stand at the ready


5 thoughts on “International Blog Delurking Week

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  4. Delurking?? As in, Show yourself?

    As to my favorite book —- Wow! I could list a dozen of my favorite authors and their dozens of books. In fact I have been doing some “Meet the Author” posts on my blog lately. Last week it was Dan Walsh; today it’s Alison Golden.


    • Christine, thank you so much for all of the comments that you leave.
      And yes, picking one favorite book is hard! I love the Sacketts by Louis L’Amour. I love the Psalms of the Bible. I have a few “self help” books that I think are must reads as well.


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