Day 4 NaHaiWriMo 2017

how the lioness

holds her cub in her mouth

a mother’s embrace


flowers open

for the butterfly and moth

holding son’s candy


Today’s prompt was “hand” and I wasn’t happy with my first poem which is the one about holding my son’s candy. So I tried to think about how you use your hands in different ways. I somehow got to thinking about how moms judge each other and they forget that each kid is different and what would be terrible for your kid, my kid might actually enjoy. Did that come through at all? How am I doing so far this year?

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Symanntha Renn


3 thoughts on “Day 4 NaHaiWriMo 2017

    • The “how” is what the poem is about. A cat carries her baby in her jaws. It looks terrifying, but the way that she grabs him actually releases chemicals that calm him. Some women think other moms don’t know what they’re doing when it looks like they are being rough with their child, but their child may like rough play, or need stern discipline.
      In the second poem, butterflies drink nectar out of flowers, which is sweet. I was thinking about how flowers unfold like hands.
      This is where my brain went with all of the articles that I have read today.


      • I never knew about the chemicals. Interesting. But I did catch that one.
        In the second verse I think you should clarify with “my son’s candy.” Otherwise it sounds like the insects are holding the candy, or it’s their son’s candy. My mind doesn’t make the jump from them to you without some indicator.

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