FF | Plotting

Friday Fictioneers is a group of bloggers who write 100-word stories after being inspired by a photo posted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. We are allowed to use the photo in our post and encouraged to leave each other comments. I write my story before I read any of the other writers’ creations, although I do often read Rochelle’s post before I write mine since it is right under the photo of the week. This week’s story is 102-words long.


PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Potter


Malorie watched the snow fall in despair. If she ran away tonight it would be easy to follow her. She would leave her duffel bag hidden and try again in a few days.

Her plan was to live at the homeless shelter on 40th street until she finished school. Snooty Gloria would never dare to step foot inside that place. Dumb Todd told her he would search all of the buses if she ever ran away, so Malorie decided not to leave the city, but to hide in plain sight. Her aunt and uncle could have the money, but not her.


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