FF| How The West Was Built

Hey guys, I went a smidge over the 100-word limit but I couldn’t help myself. My writing has faltered and I’m trying to get myself back in the game. Comments are welcome on this piece! Just remember you shouldn’t type anything into a comment box that you wouldn’t say to someone’s face. Also, visit the other Friday Fictioneer Writers. They’re all pretty amazing.
cut up tree,hewn tree,stump,freshly cut wood,wood sawed,

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

   Nineteen and already a widow. With no parents to guide her, she did her best for her siblings. The men would spend the first months building houses, barns, and the general store. The church could wait.
  It would get built because the women would insist on it. Men liked to take credit for building these United States, but it was women running the general stores, the inns, and even the brothels. The west was not a bunch of cowboys building towns inhabited by gunslingers.
  The neighbors asked Jael not to pull out, to not take the children into the wilderness. But she could see civilization coming over the prairie like calmness comes over a broke colt.

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