Small Stones Essence


If I

held you in my hand

what would you feel like?

Warm sunshine

the brushing of a butterfly?

Or ice that freezes

even after I let go?



So I shared a lot of my small stones poetry with you guys in 2015. I have written more here and there throughout the last 2 years and so I am going to figure out what I have and haven’t shared and post it as filler. I wrote 17 small stones poems in 2017, how interesting is that? I might share it on Wednesday or Friday or even Tuesday. To see the little poems that I wrote to capture a feeling or a mood, follow me by email.

This was written for a #DimpleVerse prompt. It could be called a love poem but I’m not sure. It is about someone wondering what would happen if they got close to someone else. Not all relationships are romantic.
morning sun,pink sky,burning sun,sunrise in the midwest,


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