The Legends We Grow

potted plants on the deck,potted plants in winter,planter covered in ice and snow,dead purslane,dead moss rose,

persimmon fruit
fearful of the big snow
the legends we grow



The people in my area of the country have actually been hoping for snow. Many of our children have only seen snow higher than 6 inches once or twice. I can remember playing in snowbanks often as a child. But my child has only done this twice.

The other thing that people also point out, is that the bugs that carry disease die and aren’t as prevalent in the spring when we get big snows. I personally like to get at least 1 big snow a year. I hate ice, but snow is pretty and fun.

10 thoughts on “The Legends We Grow

    • “SNOW” Lord said: We are whiter than snow; it gets very bright when the Sun shine on it. Our SINs are forgive, Romans 10:9-10.That’s what I think of when I see the snow. Cover our sins asking forgiveness. WOW PRAISE GOD

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