Love is for the Brave

valentine day roses,two dozen roses,red and white roses,

They Say Love is for the Brave

I am meant to carry the weight of the world on my hips
You are meant to carry it on your chest
Remember this when you can’t breathe
That is where you’re carrying the weight
Stop and take a deep breath
Your wide shoulders can bear the burden
Just like when my feet ache
And I don’t think that
I can take another step, then I do
Because there are clothes to launder
Dishes to wash and weeds to pull
Weaving the blanket of your life
With another’s threads is always risky
What if they come unraveled
Or end up not matching your threads
What if they want to make a pattern
Of triangles when you wanted squares
The task of ripping apart seams
After years of sewing them
Is excruciating but makes for
A better blanket in the end
I am meant to carry the weight
In my guts between my hip bones
You bear it on your sternum
The pressure you feel is a sign
That you’re still alive and still breathing


I always hesitate to share my love poems. I don’t know why. This is a rambling poem on love and making a marriage work. If you understood just one line, share it.

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