A 2020 Haiku

quarantine spring
the summer of Sonic shakes
a nest made of string


What things are you getting to do this summer? We are able to go to stores, but mostly choose not to. We could eat in at restaurants but choose not to. We get ice cream at Sonic and extra food when we order out. We are letting our son buy a lot of video games and letting him stay up late because it’s all we can do this summer. My mom is still going through chemotherapy, and rather than quarantine myself and my family for 14 days before we can see her, we are being abundantly cautious. We used Walmart pickup for the first time ever, and we are ordering everything online now so that it gets touched by a limited number of people, and we come in contact with a limited number of people. I’m holding my world together with compromises and string.

5 thoughts on “A 2020 Haiku

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  2. Compromises and strings is how we have been too. We aren’t ordering from restaurants and cooking all meals since March! We are figuring out how to handle different thought processes with 3 generations under the same roof! A lot is different.

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