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Sometimes I feel like most of my poetry collection is just a failure of real poetry… but something in me keeps wanting to come out. So I keep picking up the pen and going back… and trying again.

I have tried to give up the way of fuga and stop writing verses. But each time I did so, a poetic sentiment would tug at my heart and something would flicker in my mind. Such is the magic spell of the life poetry.

-Matsuo Basho

I write for God, as well as for myself and sometimes other people. I write as a way to relieve stress and to process what goes on in the world. I write when I am angry and when I am happy. I write about me and my family, I write about strangers. I like to write about the beauty of nature and the ugliness of humanity. I am strong in my Christian beliefs. Because I would not be where I am today without God, I write about Him a lot.

If you would like to learn more about me personally, go to this page.

To look at what I’ve written you can scroll down and look through the archives, (I’ve been blogging for over 5 years) or look to the left and select a category, or you can click on a word that is tagged at the top of a post.

If you would like to ask me questions you can comment at the bottom of a post or send an email to me at failingathaiku (at) yahoo.com.

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15 thoughts on “About Me and This Blog

  1. I am glad you are a near-neighbor at Faith-Filled Friday so that I came by. PS…I love this background on your blog. There is something orderly about the lines yet allows the freedom to write as we write.
    May your day be filled with God’s blessings.


  2. the fact you have any kind of poetry is amazing. i would love to be able to write it. have only written a few pieces. you are super special and have so much to share!! keep writing! every bit of it will bless someone – somewhere – and…. free your heart.

    {{HUGS}} @spreadingJOY


  3. I really appreciate what you said here, dear heart. I, too, write with and for God–the Holy Spirit is my “top muse”, though I have a couple others. Writing is a gift from Him–as you said, to process things; and for me, it’s a healthy distraction when I’m distressed about something. He is so Good to us! God bless you abundantly–and Happy Thanksgiving (if you’re in the U.S.). Love, sis Caddo (or maybe “Auntie Caddo”, as you look quite young!)


    • I am so glad you’ve found my blog and I am very appreciative of your comments. Thanks for calling me young!! That does my heart good, I am 25. God is GREAT and has blessed me abundantly. I am in the Midwestern US (Ozarks) and I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving also! 🙂
      I do feel my writing is a gift from God, and a healthy outlet.
      Thanks for all of your comments sis Caddo!


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