In a Poppy with Basho

departing autumn
the urge to hide oneself
in a poppy


There are some days that are so great that you wish you could freeze them and stay in them for a week. 

two pumpkins



lion chewing on a bone,lions at the DC zoo,lioness,

momma lions
she asks what I use to store
his childhood keepsakes


Hey all, this is what I wrote today. The prompt was “babies” but I’ve written two poems for babies this month so I wanted to write something that was different. And this was taken from an actual conversation that I had today.

If you are doing National Haiku Writing Month, leave me a comment and let me know how you’re doing.


salad,first course,cake for dessert,

trying to hide
how much I desire cake
dog at the table


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what the doctor won’t say
trying to identify this spider
no name given


My headache went away and I got today’s haiku written. It’s not been an easy six months – my husband is still in pain and the doctors still can’t give us a diagnosis. Please don’t comment below with “have you tried this?” Yes, yes we have, including herbs. If you want to leave me a comment, tell me if this haiku made sense to you, or touched you in any way.

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small spider,red rose,insect in a rose,

Days 14-17 #NAHAIWRIMO 2019

  Day 14

on the subway
seeing my husband’s protective side
city travels

  Day 15

trying to see if
the grass is greener on
the other side

  Day 16

beauty aisle
trying to pick a shade
settling on red rose

  Day 17

the shiny button
or the piece of tinfoil
for a better nest


Hey, I finally found time to share my haiku with you. I hope you like them. They are not the greatest but they do go with the prompts.

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rose blooming,rose bud unfolding,red rose bloom,

Basho Bidding Goodbye

sun going down,cow watching the sun,thistles in the sun,

vast grassy plain
may nothing touch you
but your hat


This poem was written when Basho bid farewell to a friend. I love unique goodbyes and hellos. I once wrote this poem inside a sympathy card for someone whose father had died. I think it works for the ultimate goodbye as well.

Also, today is my birthday so I may not post much to social media. Look for catch up posts tomorrow.


male peacock laying down,a couple of peacocks,

wearing my jewels
the strutting of a peacock
beauty on display


The character for ka means “poem.” Wa means “Japanese.” Therefore, a waka is a Japanese poem. Tan means “short,” and so a tanka is a short poem, thirty-one syllables long. Haiku literally translated means “playful verse”.

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sphinx at the WWI museum and monument

Sphinx at the World War I monument.

they say gargoyle
when they hear the sound he makes
I say prophet

I really reacted to today’s prompt after struggling over the last two. I also wrote a tanka for today and wanted to share it.

wondering why the
guardians look so evil
remembering that
evil ones have no mercy
they will not flee from sweet faces


I looked it up and gargoyle comes from the French word for throat, and not all dragon or lion-like statues are gargoyles. Only the ones that serve as water spouts are gargoyles, the decorative ones are called grotesques. They were named gargoyles because you could hear the water rushing out of them. That made me think of what the word “prophet” meant. Prophet means “to boil forth.” Also, the gargoyles were thought to ward off evil spirits. Disclaimer: I believe that only praying in Jesus’ name wards off evil, but tanka poems can use metaphors as they are often autobiographical. 
So I wrote these poems. There is a lot of false preaching out there, be sure to check what you hear against your Bible.

Day 10 & 11 #NAHAIWRIMO

trying new foods
what country’s dish will I like
butterfly travels

computer crash
I try to read three books at once
dizzy bumblebee

honey bee,bees,purple sage flowers,missouri flowers,

Hey guys, I’m having a weird day. I had a good weekend – I got a new phone for Valentine’s Day. So that’s why My Story is full of selfies – I had to test out my phone and decided not to let the pics go to waste. So anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to instead of posting. I should be able to do a better job of keeping up with everybody now that I have a new Galaxy phone.

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winter wind blows hard
but I have a big warm coat
thankful for God’s love


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trail in the snow,small boy in snow,child playing in the snow,

Day 8 #NAHAIWRIMO 2019

black cat in the street
people worrying about
the wrong things


I am not a cat person and I am not a superstitious person, so I don’t have a good photo for today. I also refuse to pay for stock photos, and I hate using photos that are watermarked. So here is today’s post. Leave me your thoughts in a comment.

small figures,Han dynasty,pig figurine,small chimera carving,

nephrite pigs and Chimera


no sidewalk
hoping the dog doesn’t bite
on foot in a small town


edge of the city,city limits,city and country,hay on city street,


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