In a Poppy with Basho

departing autumn
the urge to hide oneself
in a poppy


There are some days that are so great that you wish you could freeze them and stay in them for a week. 

two pumpkins


Basho Bidding Goodbye

sun going down,cow watching the sun,thistles in the sun,

vast grassy plain
may nothing touch you
but your hat


This poem was written when Basho bid farewell to a friend. I love unique goodbyes and hellos. I once wrote this poem inside a sympathy card for someone whose father had died. I think it works for the ultimate goodbye as well.

Also, today is my birthday so I may not post much to social media. Look for catch up posts tomorrow.

Today with Basho

today is the day
people grow older
first wintry shower


Some days do feel like the age you more than others. I share haiku from the master poet on Thursdays. Right now I am trying to share one of my haiku every day since it is National Haiku Writing Month.

snow fall,fresh snow,morning,sunrise on snow,snowy ground,

Basho with an orange.

but also a hopeful future
a green orange


I hope you find the hope in this short poem by Basho.

orange sports car,muscle car,car show,

Setting Sun with Basho


a grass hut
the setting sun gives me
chrysanthemum wine


I love how Basho can paint a picture in three lines.

salmon sky,pink sky,light fading,sunlight,pink clouds,

Haiku Appearing Easily


appearing easily
it now seems to hesitate
a cloudy moon


It’s easy for haiku to appear on my blog when I’m sharing someone else’s poems! I hope these Basho poems are inspiring you. Remember, all poems by Matsuo Basho are tagged in the Basho Poetry category.

full moon,moon in the clouds,moon through the trees,bright moon,

Basho Favorites


darkness of night
lost from its nest
cry of the plover


As I am getting older and changing as a writer and as an artist, I like some poems more than I used to. As I flip through my Basho poetry book I find myself wondering why I didn’t write down certain poems as favorites six years ago. But I was a very different person 6 years ago. Click on the category “Basho Poetry” to see more of my favorites by the master poet.

supermoon rising,big moon,full moon,bright moon,

Flowers Above Haiku


for a while
flowers are above
the night’s moon 


Souvenir Haiku


souvenir paintings
what kind of a brush first drew
the image of Buddha

impressionism, van gogh,

I really like this week’s haiku from Basho. I have started studying painting, mainly oil painting, through Youtube and other places on the internet. It is amazing how much information you can find if you use the right search terms. It is really neat to see how art and painting have progressed throughout the years. It’s also really neat to know that you can use the same materials that the old masters used.

Lightning Strike by Basho


with lightning
one is not enlightened
how valuable


I really like this poem. Do you like Basho’s poems?

berries,tree branch against sky,elm trees,

A Blast of Haiku with Basho


a withering blast
the pain of a swelling
on a man’s face


Today’s haiku is about being punched in the face by a cold gust of wind. Sometimes the weather does feel like a being out to get you.

The prompt from Grayson Queen’s Somethingist Challenge for today is “something closed” and a fist is closed when it hits you. Also, I have been neglecting to share Basho this month and I need to get back to that, as I still have several favorites to share with you. I also have new haiku to share, so as National Blogging Month comes to an end, please keep following me as I will be blogging every week no matter what month it is.

fog,early morning,trees,bushes,black and white photo,

nanopolano,nablopomo,2018 event,

Mum Haiku by Basho

drinking morning tea
the monk is quiet
as is the mum flower


Sometimes simple haiku is nice.

yellow mum,red mum,over-sized mums,fall flowers,flowers in a barrel,