Thicket Haiku for Basho Thursday


do not forget
that in the thicket are
plum blossoms

This reminds me of that quote about roses. I used to share quotes on Friday.

I don’t know how I let myself get out of order – but here is another of my favorites from the 200’s. Basho wrote 1,012 haiku. I am sharing my favorites on Thursdays.

tiger lily butterfly on red flower


Melon Haiku

don’t be like me
even though we’re like the melon
split in two

Supposedly Basho had children. I wonder if he wrote this for his son or another family member, or someone he thought was his soulmate? I think this could explain how we feel when we see our children make the same mistakes that we did.

Confinement Haiku


winter confinement
again I’ll lean on
this post

Yeah, so not looking forward to the winter blues. Spring is my favorite holiday.

cold outside,winter in the window,snow,snowfall,looking through the window

Then You will Understand


sleep on a journey
then you will understand my poem
Autumn winds


Yes. Travel, even local travel will reveal so much to you. PS this is a cellphone picture. The app has gotten better about letting me use pictures from my cell and then editing from the desktop.

With Nothing To Cling To


in the middle of a field
with nothing to cling to
a skylark sings

What a neat visual. The birds have to trust their wings. 

black birds,birds against morning sky,flock of birds,

Walking in Haiku with Basho


full moon
walking around the pond
all night


I really like this one. Who hasn’t tossed and turned and felt like they’ve walked for miles instead of laying in bed? 

big trees and little pond cows

Closer to the Root


falling to the ground
a flower closer to the root
bidding farewell


This was written when Basho was mourning the death of priest Tando.

angel statue in flower bed

Reluctant Haiku

from deep in the peony’s stamens
a bee crawls out
a reluctant parting


This week’s poem from Basho is about not wanting to leave his friend’s house and travel on. He enjoyed traveling, but there were places he wished he could have stayed longer. Isn’t that the way with all travelers? They are so many more places left to go, but good friends and cool places must be left behind to see new places.

clouds from above,wing of the plane,flying on a plane,window seat,

Where Basho got his ideas.

short iris,new iris,iris leaves,iris' leaf,


rabbit-ear iris
it gives me an idea
for a poem


Basho took most of his inspiration from nature. I try to always use nature when writing a haiku, but I use nature in many of my poems, no matter what form they are. How often does nature show up in your poems?

Basho Charmed


on a mountain path
where something might charm you
a wild violet


I hope to keep up on these posts as well and for there not to be any missed weeks. I have my own haiku scheduled to post on Monday. What haiku poets do you like?

Johnny Jump Up flower

Basho Buying a Cookie

buying a cookie
even the ferns are withered
at a rest stop


I think this poem is so cute. I can just imagine Basho munching on a cookie and looking at his surroundings as he rests at an ancient rest stop. Keep in mind that this was written between 1684-88.

bloom of foget me not flower,blue star flower,

Forget Me Not flower

Basho in the Pond

Here is what is the most read and well-known of Matsuo Basho’s haiku poems.


old pond
a frog jumps into
the sound of water

herd of elk,elk in a lake,elk in a pond,

I didn’t have a picture of a frog in a pond.