Cinquain Sleep

moonflower on the vine,moonflower opened,moonflower blossom,moonflower vine, 

Deep rest,
sometimes it is
elusive, makes you feel
brand new, like you have hit reset,



I wrote this poem for #5prompt on Twitter and then saved it and forgot about it. It is a cinquain. I am loving five line types of poetry more and more. What is your favorite form of poetry? How many lines do you like a poem to have?


PAD Challenge Day 1

Okay guys, while I’m having a good week, it’s been a crazy start to the week. So I am going to put my first 3 posts up today and without a lot of fanfare. If you want to know what the PAD Challenge is, it is the contest put on by Robert Lee Brewer at Writer’s Digest, and where I am getting my prompts so that I can write a Poem A Day this month. April is National Poetry Month click that to see where I got my images. I am going to space out the posting of my poems/posts today because otherwise, people don’t read all of them. Stay tuned! I wrote the poem for April 1 on the First, it is a cinquain.

poetry month photo for public use

photo courtesy of

 Stress Relief
I mutter to
the flowers that I tend,
they nod their heads as if they know
I’m right.


Century Cinquain

world war one,ww1 memorial,liberty memorial in kansas city,

Century Cinquain 
It has
been a century of building
wars and rebuilding and
waiting for peace,
sweet peace.



Somehow I wrote this and forgot to share it. I wish I had shared it in October of last year when I wrote it. It was the 100th anniversary of something. I think I saw this prompt on Twitter right next to a tweet about the 100th year anniversary of WWI.

Wednesday Bible Study

crepe myrtle in winter,crepe myrtle in the snow,covered in snow,weighed down by snow,


She talks
while we listen,
but she isn’t saying
what is really bothering her

I am pretty sure I wrote this for a prompt. I know I wrote it on a Thursday after I had gone to a Woman’s Bible Study on a Wednesday night. It’s been a while since I wrote it so I can’t remember all of the details. I am thinking about sharing my cinquain with you on Wednesdays. Hit “Like” below if you want to see cinquains. Go to the “Poetry Definitions” Page at the top if you don’t know what a cinquain is.

Poor Man Cinquain

  Sinful Hunger

He spied

the freshly baked bread in the store,

hunger gnawed at his belly,

so the poor man

stole it.


Here is a cinquain I wrote a while back. It was inspired by a prompt on Twitter, but it was written so long ago I don’t know which prompt account inspired me to write it.

friendship bread

What we don’t know on Day 29 of #NaPoWriMo

flower bud,bud of lily,closeup of flower,

Man knows
how to feed the
flowers, how to ask them
to grow, but he doesn’t know how
they grow.

Today’s challenge for National Poetry Writing Month was to write a what nobody knows poem. Since I have been wanting to do cinquain poetry this month, this is what I did. What do you think? Leave me a comment and share this if you like it.

Anti-matter on Day 28 of #NaPoWriMo


If we

are not pruned how

how will we grow taller

we will only grow fatter if

not cut.


So you usually think of anti-matter being as being something mystical or powerful, but if the definition of anti-matter is anything that is not matter, that opens up the playing field. Today was the last Two for Tuesday for the 2015 April PAD Challenge. The prompt was to write a poem about matter and/or a poem about anti-matter. I tried again, to do a two-in-one. What do you think?


tree branches,tree with no leaves,dicidous tree

Bloody Poetry Day 23 of #NaPoWriMo

vietnam war memorial statue

  War Story


broken men crawl

back from what we say was

an honorable and great thing,

war zone.

So today’s prompt for the PAD Challenge was to write a historic poem. It could be a poem about a landmark event, specific battle, an era in time, or whatever you consider a historic happening. I decided to write about something that people don’t seem to talk about. Our country was at war for 13 years and people didn’t seem to notice. Our service men and women were committing suicide at an alarming rate and no one seemed to notice or talk about it. I always thought that most service men and women knew that fighting for our country was a great thing and they didn’t need to feel bad about anything that happened over there. But just telling someone that they are a good person and to forget about the bad things that they saw isn’t enough. They have made a Veterans Crisis Line and began reaching out to vets. I had decided at the first of this year that I wanted to write more poetry that meant something, poetry that was about more than a fleeting moment. So I wrote this cinquain today, for every vet that came back with PTSD or any guilt.

Confessing on Day 13 of #NaPoWriMo

single rose, close up of a rose,rose bud



He said,

that the pressure was too much for

a boy like him to date

a girl like me,

she says.

Does anyone else remember always spelling the word “bestfriend” as one word and the word “Wal-Mart” as a hyphenated word? I know that when websites became a big deal, the Walton son who is now in charge of Walmart, decided that to simplify things he would change his store’s name and make it one word “Walmart.” But I don’t remember when the powers that be decided that “best friend” needed to be two words? I see that boyfriend is still one word.
I would encourage you to follow the link to the challenge and read the poems in the comments.  There are some really good and creative poetry being shared this month. I would also really like to see more people sharing poetry on Twitter and Facebook since it is National Poetry Month. Today’s challenge was to write a confession. What did you write today?

Pressing on! Day 2 of NaPoWriMo


She talks

while we listen,

but she isn’t saying

what is really bothering her



So good news and bad news….

Good News: I wrote my poem for Day 2 of the 2015 April PAD Challenge. (It’s above.) (Don’t know what the PAD Challenge is? Look at yesterday’s post.)

Bad News: My monitor won’t come on. Hopefully I can get it fixed by tomorrow. If not, tomorrow’s quote may be a little late posting because using the WordPress App is awkward for me. But I will post a quote tomorrow and another poem. 

Dinner Time Poetry

flour, lid to skillet, in the kitchen

Making Dinner


shut with a thud that sounds like a

drum beat, a serenade,

to the woman

in me.


I wrote another cinquain! I get excited when I make one of these because they are actually fairly hard to do, as they are supposed to be one complete sentence.

A Mirrored Cinquain

couple figurine, couple statue, Home by Willow

Marriage Cinquain

that is the name
of my chosen partner,
who works hard for me every day,
I am his other half, helping hand,
the wife that cares for his
son and his home;


Here is the newest cinquain that I am brave enough to show you. What do you think?
It is a mirrored cinquain. I reformed these two.

life partner
strong and sure
my love for life

Helping hand
Works all day
Always there for me