what the doctor won’t say
trying to identify this spider
no name given


My headache went away and I got today’s haiku written. It’s not been an easy six months – my husband is still in pain and the doctors still can’t give us a diagnosis. Please don’t comment below with “have you tried this?” Yes, yes we have, including herbs. If you want to leave me a comment, tell me if this haiku made sense to you, or touched you in any way.

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Day 21 NaBloPoMo

It is National Blog Posting Month and while I have not made a post to my blog every day, I am keeping up with the Somethingist Challenge by posting to my Instagram or by doing catch-up posts here on my poetry blog. Today’s prompt is “something terrifying.” This is a short free verse poem about how Jesus will one day come back and we will all have to face God. I believe that if you do not have Jesus as your savior and advocate when you go in front of God, that you will be sent to hell. I try to tell people this when I feel I am in an appropriate setting and someone is open to hearing about religion and my beliefs. This poem is about when I see people reject Jesus.


my vision was of death
I called out
trying to warn them
they said my words were
confusing and archaic
just let death come
we will brave it alone
no help needed



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Halfway Through NaBloPoMo18

nanopolano,nablopomo,2018 event,

Well, we are halfway through National Blog Posting Month 2018 and I have only missed 2 days. I am liking this challenge so far. I think I will team up with Nanopoblano every year because they offer support and diverse ways to blog and post new content during NaBloPoMo. Are you liking the way I am doing this challenge? Would you like to see me post daily photo challenges to Instagram? Leave me your thoughts below!

Today’s prompt was “something dangerous.” I wanted to share this poem that I wrote during National Poetry Writing Month this year, it is a triolet. It is about how young children are taken from their mothers to be soldiers in wars, in overseas countries.

War Infested Country

boys crush skulls under their boot heels
who are barely old enough to tie their shoes
they are told this is how men get their thrills
boys crush skulls under their boot heels
they are left to stand alone when the blood spills
they drown out their conscience with booze
boys crush skulls under their boot heels
who are barely old enough to tie their shoes


Something Strong

I always publish a few blog posts late in the day when I do a month-long challenge. Today I need to post a poem about “something strong” for the Somethingist Challenge that I am doing for National Blog Posting Month. Give me your thoughts on this piece, in the comment section below.


  Badges and Battles
She wore her scars like badges
like an army captain wears ribbon bars
they told of the wars her body
had fought and won
of the battles waged
that you forgot about

This poem was inspired on Twitter by a #WrittenRiver writing prompt.

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NanoPoblano Day 9

Day nine’s prompt is to write about “something substantial” so I chose one of my longer poems. I am getting the really fine lines around my eyes. I am approaching 32 and I am feeling my age. I don’t feel old, but I don’t feel 21 anymore. I am definitely in a new phase of my life. There are fewer weddings and more divorces, more graduations, fewer births. The funerals are far less surprising and come as often as anything else. It’s not a bad phase, it’s a comfortable phase. It’s easy to be complacent and just do the same ‘ol thing every week. But I try to be spontaneous and fun for my young son, and I try to stay in the know. I’m not dead yet!a large flock of birds,birds in flight,

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  Crow’s Feet

As I shook out the blankets this morning
I found a black feather on the bed.
I haven’t seen them, but I see their tracks.
In the melting snow I see faint outlines
of crow’s feet.
The caw caw that rings from the trees
tells me that crows circle overhead.
Their shadows darken my days.
Crows like shiny things.
They weave silver into my hair
as I dream about my youth.
A shadow flutters across my face
lands at the corner of my eye
and I feel the wind on my cheek.
I hear not just the sound of the wind
but the sound of flapping wings.
They peck at my back and legs
while I try to cheer at ball games
making it hard to sit and hard to stand.
The tracks they leave become
dry river beds that have flash floods.
Their shadows chill me and make
me pray for the sun and its warmth.
I only catch glimpses of them
from the corner of my eye
but I know they circle me.

NanoPoblano Day 5

Today’s prompt for the Somethingist challenge was “something damaged.” To keep myself from burning out, some days I am just going to post a poem instead of a long post. Also, I already posted a short and sweet haiku, so if you’re looking for short and sweet go to the haiku category! If you want cute pictures visit my Instagram.

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  Melting Candle

The wax runs down the candlestick
and pools in its holder.
It is burning bright,
bringing light to the whole house.
It is hot from working so hard
and that is why it melts,
because it is putting its whole self
into the work that it is doing.
The candle gives pieces of itself away
thinking that if it starts to lean
that someone else will come along
and give it some support.
But much to the candle’s dismay,
no one shows up when it starts to lean.
The candle droops over,
then breaks, and falls to the table.
It is hurt and surprised that no one
was there, or cared to check on it.
So out of spite,
it sets the tablecloth on fire.

Practice Your Goodbyes

deciduous tree in winter,last leaf,

Practice Your Goodbyes

You’ve not got as much time as you think
Life passes you by as you blink
So practice your goodbyes now
Practice while there is time to make mistakes
Tomorrow may bring a dark sky
Tomorrow may make you cry
And all the time you thought was there
Was spent without much care
No more chances for that conversation
It is, how it was
So practice your goodbyes with vigor
Life goes by faster than you figure
So make the hugs long and tight
Hold off goodbye with a fight
Talk through the night into the day
For our loved ones here, do not stay



I wrote this one a long time ago. I was looking through my poetry to find one I had written for my son and decided it was time to share my old stuff again. The break in the rhyme pattern is there to jar you, as death always does.

September is Sad

crumpled post-it note
the first of my classmates dies
a shock to us all
I forget how to spell her last name
it seems all our names have changed

RIP Ellen Doherty


It has been two years since the first of my friends, the first of my classmates has died. I know that I’ve been blessed, but it is still crazy to think that we have already lost a friend. She didn’t make it to 30. September is a sad month for me, I have had a lot of people die during this month. I seriously relate to that song “Wake me up when September ends.”

purslane flower,rose moss with white blooms,tiny flowers,small white flower,

Small Stones Poetry in a Scarlet Ribbon

wrap a tourniquet
around my throat
keep poisonous words from flowing
bind my hands
with scarlet ribbon
keep destruction from reigning
blind me with
the light of the noonday sun
silence me
with the sound of music
even if the piano is out of tune
play it until my fit is over
protect me from myself
June 2016


2016 was a really stressful year for me. So this is not dated and was almost forgotten. It is free verse, which I haven’t been doing much of. I am beginning to like structure in my poems.

flowers, shadows, light pink, carnation,sunlight,bouquet of flowers,

Adventures in Blogging

dakota canyon,the old west,

The End of the Adventure

You led me to the wilderness
you said there’d be an adventure
There was nothing but desert
You left me with an empty canteen
you left me to die of thirst
I guess death is an adventure



I think I am getting confused about what I have shared and haven’t shared to the blog because people on Twitter interact with my small stones poetry and I remember that people have read a poem, but forget that I haven’t shared it to the blog. So here is a poem that I believe is new to the blog. I will be sharing several of my short poems soon, I hope none of them are reshared, but if they are oh well. That is part of running a blog, a Twitter account, writing randomly in virtual notebooks, and trying to keep a child alive and thriving, while also trying to keep up with social media so I won’t be out of the loop on the new jokes. Give me a like if you know the feeling!

Recollections of a Broken Back

Recollections of a Broken Back

Broken backs march to the next task
Wondering how they got so broken
On this path that was supposed to be so easy
This path, littered with pain
The birds sing the same year after year
Their songs don’t seem to change
So why am I aging
Why am I feeling the need to sit down
I feel the years clog my veins
The misadventures stretch across my skin
Shiny speed bumps to slow sensual thought
Where are all of the fine things
This broken back was supposed to bring me


I wish I had dated my older poems. I thought that if I didn’t date them they would seem more mysterious. What do you think? Do you date your poems? Do you share the date when you share them?