Hair Haiku

It has been a year since an emergency room doctor found a mass on my mother’s lung, and it has been almost 12 months since my mom had the lower lobe of her right lung removed and the cancer along with it. She did maintenance doses of chemo and handled it really well. I am so glad that part of our life is over. She was pronounced in remission at her 6-month check-up. She is not really “cancer free” by medical standards until 5 years worth of tests come back negative, but we call her cancer free. I prayed that she would not lose her hair during her treatments and she did not. She did stop coloring it because it was getting too tedious to do so. I think she still looks gorgeous.
leaves fall from the tree
mom stops coloring her hair
snow on bare branches


New Haiku Day 27

nanopolano,nablopomo,2018 event,

Some of these prompts have been tricky, but that’s okay because I shared pieces that I would not normally share. Today’s prompt is “something near” so I chose a haiku poem that I wrote just yesterday. It is unique because it is also a shape poem. I had wanted to write more this month, so last night I made some time and wrote some haiku.

holiday season
letting him decorate the tree

american boy with christmas tree,dino pajamas,decorated christmas tree,

Day 24 NanoPoblano

nanopolano,nablopomo,2018 event,

Today’s prompt from the Somethingist Challenge was “something healing” so I thought I would share a poem that I wrote recently. I haven’t been ill very much this year. I am exercising and doing well. My family, however, is keeping me on my toes. My son is doing much better than he was two years ago. He has only been getting sick with common colds about twice a year which is actually really good for a kid.


  Redheaded Mom  
I am supposed
to be magical
an elf or mermaid
with healing powers
but alas my son still coughs
my husband still sick
I feel the serenity
slipping away like
seaweed being dragged
into the ocean

Day 22 National Blog Posting Month

I wrote this when I was pregnant. I wrote several “mom poems” when I was pregnant. I hope to one day put them in a book.

nanopolano,nablopomo,2018 event,

I hope those of you who are American are enjoying your family today on Thanksgiving. Day 22 for the Somethingist Challenge was to be about “something lucky” but I don’t really believe in luck. God will bless me a little or a lot, but luck doesn’t have anything to do with it.


Bless Me

Let me be blessed
Let me be round with joy
Send your spirit and let me be fruitful
Let my house be full of noise
Of commotion and chaos
Toys, laughter, and clothes
Bless me with long nights
Filled with teddy bears and one more story
Let the fevers be few and the hugs many
Let help be near and fear far away
Give us patience to handle the blessings
Bless us greatly dear Lord

NanoPoblano Day 5

Today’s prompt for the Somethingist challenge was “something damaged.” To keep myself from burning out, some days I am just going to post a poem instead of a long post. Also, I already posted a short and sweet haiku, so if you’re looking for short and sweet go to the haiku category! If you want cute pictures visit my Instagram.

nanopolano,nablopomo,2018 event,

  Melting Candle

The wax runs down the candlestick
and pools in its holder.
It is burning bright,
bringing light to the whole house.
It is hot from working so hard
and that is why it melts,
because it is putting its whole self
into the work that it is doing.
The candle gives pieces of itself away
thinking that if it starts to lean
that someone else will come along
and give it some support.
But much to the candle’s dismay,
no one shows up when it starts to lean.
The candle droops over,
then breaks, and falls to the table.
It is hurt and surprised that no one
was there, or cared to check on it.
So out of spite,
it sets the tablecloth on fire.

Dot Haiku

white and orange pumpkins,oragne pumpkin,halloween,fall fun,

This is my son about 4 or so years ago. He is barely bigger than the stack of pumpkins!

dot dot dot
a labor of love
mom’s tattoo


My friend was discussing tattoos with me I got to thinking about how tattoos are actually hundreds of little dots. She wanted dots in her tattoo for her daughter. I am sharing simple haiku this week. I think haiku can be fun and simple sometimes, it doesn’t always have to be super profound. 

Haiku in Warmth


family snowed in
not opening the door
keeps the warmth in
January 13, 2018


I am proud to say that I have been able to post to my blog every week since my Blog Anniversary. It has not been easy. My husband became ill right after that. I have been sick with the common cold twice since then, and our son caught a cold in August as well. I think it was a welcome back to school gift, new germs from new friends. But my husband has been having pains in his abdomen that will not go away. He has been to 3 different doctors and will get scheduled today to see a specialist. All I want is 6 months of regular life. No big crazy events or illnesses, but maybe you don’t get 6 nice months of life after you turn 30. But, I will say that we have gotten a lot of time together, my husband and son and I. We have spent a lot of days home together reading out loud, watching new movies, and favorite old television shows. Our son is doing very well in his school classroom and in his Wednesday Night class at church. I have been able to read a lot of books, I am about to break my record of books read in one year so there’s that.

Today’s poem was inspired by a #microprompt from Twitter. I mostly retweet on Twitter these days but you should follow me anyway!

Short Motherhood Poem

Samantha and G blurred paint

  Surer in Their Step
a woman’s body is heavier than a girl’s
it is wider and takes up more space
so that it can protect better
a woman’s body becomes a castle wall
after a few months of motherhood
rib bones spread like iron bars
to keep in the precious and lock out
the marauding hordes
her feet may move slower
but they are surer in their step


I wrote this back in 2015 but I am still not sure I like it. What do you think? Did you connect to it, did it move you?


Baboon Lessons

to be brave enough
to bite a crocodile
baboon lessons


I hope you all have a great week with no biting needed, but if there is, be as brave as the crazy mommy baboon I saw on tv! A croc came for her baby and she fought back and saved her infant. Be strong mommas!


PAD Challenge Day 15

shut door,front door,back door,door with the blinds shut,

  I am the Door

I am the tall wooden front door

you must pass through me to explore

the people inside

dirty shoes can’t hide

you’ve been eyed

off my floor

poetry month photo for public use

photo curtesy of

Today’s prompt was to write a metaphor poem. I used a welsh form called clogyrnach. It is a 6 line stanza with an ab rhyme scheme. It is about how the mom is often the door to the family and we have to be careful about who we let in. 

PAD Challenge Day 12

remotes and phones on end table


  We’ll Get Together Later
like a Netflix queue, like a Youtube Watch Later list
I’m putting it on hold ’til I’ve got more time
my current favorite is watching my life dissolve 
like scum under cleaner in the bathtub
friends, colleagues, and family disappear
until there’s only a slab of cold indifference left
I have all the time in the world now
to marathon the new show everyone’s talking about
I pushed and worked and ignored
to end up alone with the tv



Maybe this one’s a little rushed but I did what I try to do at least once during National Poetry Writing Month, and that is finish a poem that I have been working on for a year or more. I have been working at this one for well over a year. Today’s prompt for National Poetry Month was to write a lament poem. What do you think? I would really love some feedback on this one.