Anniversary Haiku

boy with tree,bradford pear trees,non-flowering pear tree,spring

in our yard
two trees on every trunk
two become one



I did not write this on my anniversary, but it is a wedding or wedding anniversary poem. Feel free to share it with your loved ones as long as you credit me as the author!

Have you ever written a poem for an anniversary?


Day 14 of NaHaiWriMo on Failing at Haiku

a wilting flower
still has colorful petals
sick together

We are halfway through National Haiku Writing Month! I hope you have been able to write some poems. Feel free to share your poetry in my comments section below!I hope you have a nice Valentine’s Day! I have been sick for the past week, but I am feeling much better today. My son is sick today, but we are together and enjoying Valentine’s Day. We (my husband, son, and I) got each other candy and chocolate and now we’re going to watch movies together, which is one of our favorite activities as a family. My husband took me to a play last night for my birthday. This morning, my actual birthday, he gave me a season of one of my favorite television shows that is no longer on t.v. In Plain Sight.
If you are unsure of the rules/definition/form of haiku then please go to my What is Haiku? page.
Don’t forget to check out the Facebook page where most of us haiku poets meet to get a prompt and share our work. Today’s prompt is “zinc”. Zinc is a metal, but it is a metal that we have to have in our bodies to be healthy. Our bodies are weird.
Even if you don’t write haiku, or even if it isn’t your favorite type of poetry, please consider sharing your friends’ and favorite bloggers’ work this month. Check out the hashtag #NaHaiWriMo on Twitter and Facebook.
photoshopped flower,white flower,white peoni,fully bloomed peoni,

Darker Nights

moon through the clouds,foggy,seeing the moon through the trees,
The Darker Nights
darker nights
call for sitting close
one hand on a flashlight
one hand on you
we cannot see
as far as the owl
but we look together
This was inspired by a #WrittenRiver prompt. I do love being married. On the hard days, in the hard moments, I have a hand to hold and I know that he will not let go.

Haiku on the Vine

honeysuckle blooms,honeysuckle flowers,white honeysuckle,
honeysuckle vine
your wandering hands
tamed me
This is the last day of the Week of Haiku, but I will post a new haiku on Monday just like I do every Monday. If you have liked this week’s poetry be sure to follow me through email or social media. Getting a Like from you is always nice too.

A Flickering

  A Flickering
The world was covered
in ash and soot
It looked like there
would be everlasting cold
Until I found the lost fire
in your hands

So how’s this for a love poem? I thought it was gentle and yet still packed a punch at the end.
yellow rose moss flower

A Strange Love

moonflower vine,vine on trellis,

A Strange Love
Metal cold and unbending
Vine twisting and green
They only make sense together
One without the other obscene

I wrote a love poem! I was inspired by a #FieryVerse prompt on Twitter earlier this year.

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A Dragon’s Kiss

lit chandelier,mosiacs

I would rather have
A dragon’s kiss
After much wooing
Than the forceful
Kiss of a knight.
The dragon knows
He does not own you.
This was written for a #ntitle prompt. There for a while I was churning out small stones poetry. I have more to share, do you want to see more poems like this? Do you think that I can put this in my Love Poems category?

Truth and Dare on Day 8 of #NaPoWriMo

Let me start today off with a little truth. The PAD Challenge today is write a dare poem. Yesterday’s challenge was “Two for Tuesday” where we could have written two poems. We could have written a love poem and an anti-love poem. The anti-love poem was easy but I just couldn’t get a love poem to come out. I did actually want to write one. This is a challenge month and I like to complete every day, but I just couldn’t get the happy lovey juices flowing. So I gave up and posted what I had. Today I managed to get out a love poem. If you look through my categories, you will find a category called “My Love Poems” I named it that because my love poems are different from most poets. So there you have it. Some truth and dare from me. I am not entirely happy with this poem. I always struggle with the love poems. I may revise this one later.



  The Dare
I dared you to trust me
I dared you to hope
I dared you to risk
your future by giving it to me
I dared you to take me
with you on your journey
I dared you to tell me
your family secrets
and the childhood ones too
I never had to demand truth
so I stuck to dares
I dared you physically
I dared your emotions
to stay in check
I dared you to stay in the limits
then I dared you to rip up the manual
My dares haven’t always made sense
but you’ve always been game

Like the Bee

like the bee
stumbles upon the flower
I found you

bees in wildflower, purple flower, native missouri flower, missouri wildflower
I finally wrote a love poem!! Someone say hooray!

Fire and Lies

  Fire and Lies
she thought the fire
had gone out
thought the brimstone
had gone cold
but these were lies
a fire still burned for her
dragons still fly overhead
winter is coming to an end


Lookout Point, Arkansas, sky prarie

So I’ve written a couple of love poems lately. In true Failing at Haiku style, they are short and a little on the dark side. On Saturday, which is Valentine’s Day, I will actually post a haiku that is sweet, no darkness at all!

This poem was inspired by a HeartSoup prompt on Twitter. Leave me a Like if you like it at all.

Hold Me Until

  Hold Me Until
Hold me until
The rain stops
Until the thunder
Has grumbled enough
Whisper to me
About how you
Aren’t afraid of lightning
storm cloud, rain cloud, thunderheads
So I have written a few short poems that could be construed as love poems! I thought I would share them with you this week. Stay tuned, as I do have a haiku that is going to post on Valentine’s Day which is Saturday.
This poem was inspired by a #WrittenRiver prompt on Twitter.

Holding Love | A Poem

me holding G


  Holding Love

Hot tears roll down my face

As I realize

You can hold love

Grace can be felt and seen

In a smile in a hug

I can feel forgiveness

And trust

I can feel the weight of promise

As I carry him to bed

God loved me

And forgave me

He trusted me enough

To give me this child

A life to shape in His name

A legacy to grow

I never knew

You could hold love

Until my little boy

Fell asleep in my arms



When do you see love in a physical way?

Today’s prompt is Do you have a book in you? Fact or fiction? Related to your blog or totally different?

I do have a book in me, I have just decided it’s not ready to publish yet. I have some of my mommy poetry that I have been holding back so that my book will have new material in it. I have thought about releasing a book of only religious poetry, but I have a feeling it wouldn’t sell. I think selling a poetry book that is only about family will be a challenge, but I think it can be done. So my book would be mostly fact but there would be some fiction in it. Most of my poetry is based on things that I have personally experienced, but some of it is stuff I have never experienced and just wanted to see if I could write about it. If I feel like I did a good job and my close family and friends don’t hate it, I keep it. Since a book about family might do better if it encompasses all the stages of family I am going to wait a little bit longer to publish it.