End of NanoPoblano 2018

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Today’s prompt is “something overdone” so I will end with a poem. I have tried doing different posts on this blog, but they rarely get Likes or comments (aside from my flash fiction posts) so I have stopped doing that. This is supposed to be a poetry blog and poetry is my first love creatively. Painting is a close second. Music is third, but I only listen, I can’t sing or compose. The thing about me is: I rarely write love poetry. For one, I feel like it is overdone. Especially the ones that are *just* about how beautiful a woman is – or how great the sex is between unnamed people- there are millions of those, can someone write something else? But because today’s prompt is overdone I will share a love poem with you that I have not shared before. I wrote this for my husband.

Also, thank you to everyone who started following me because of a NaBloPoMo post. I have enjoyed doing this challenge and I hope we can continue to support each other on our blogs and on Instagram. I gained a lot of followers this month and I appreciate all of you. I also had the best month that I have ever had by over 200 views! Because of that and a great month of visits in January, I am having the best year (stats wise) that I have ever had, as of this week. I will keep posting new poetry every week from here on out, so I hope you stick around.


  Together and Happy

The feeling of security
A warm hand on my back
With you I never lack
Your arms around me
The tears go away
With you by my side I do not sway
Onward we go
Toward the sun
It is always fun
When the thunder booms
And lightning crashes
You make me laugh
And I see the sun again
Together and happy
That’s all that matters


PAD Challenge Day 27

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These are walnuts trees, just play along!

the forest in spring
a sapling and an oak tree
grow together
their many branches touching
supporting wild honeysuckle




So I managed to write two more poems for the PAD Challenge (click on the next arrow above to see the last one). Just so you know, I will NEVER do this again! I understand now why I haven’t made this a yearly thing. My life is slow in February so I can write every day for NaHaiWriMo. But April is my prep month for everything that happens in May, and Easter, plus 3 very important birthdays all in the same week. I will never attempt this challenge again, so please look back through the PAD Challenge posts and enjoy them. I may try to make my own Write Every Weekday Challenge in June or something. We will see how the beginning of the summer shakes out. I know there were others who said April is a bad month for them, we shall see. Comment below  and tell me if you would like to try a challenge and what month you would want to try it in.


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PAD Challenge Day 26

  The Drugs Don’t Work
I took the pills
but it didn’t cure my ills
life gave me chills 
one too many thrills
your love for me spills
over and I can climb the hills
it may not pay the bills
but your love cured my ills
  April 26, 2018
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I skipped Day 25, I just was not feeling the prompt and wanted to write. This is a monorhyme poem. The end word must rhyme in every line. Once again, my love poems are not like everyone else’s. But I love my husband and I am very thankful for him. The prompt was to write about some kind of relationship.

PAD Challenge Day 20

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  The Minute I Stop…
rose that won’t bloom,
but heart that won’t stop,
I can’t stop
stop can’t I
stop won’t that heart,
but, bloom won’t that rose?


This is a palindrome or mirror poem. Click on the tags to seem similar poems, or look at the suggestions under this post. The prompt was to take a line from another poem written for this challenge and start another poem with that line. See the haiku I took the first line from HERE.

I fell behind. I just can’t write every day. I definitely can’t blog 5 days a week. I will never understand the people that do. I also don’t understand forcing yourself to do it.

PAD Challenge Day 17

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rose blooming,rose bud unfolding,red rose bloom,

Today we are supposed to write either a love poem or an anti-love poem. Anti-love is what I do all of the time so I thought it would be a real challenge if I wrote a love poem. But I decided to do both! I wrote an anti-love poem to get it out of my system, and then I wrote another love poem for my husband. Here are a haiku and a mirror poem, more correctly called a palindrome. It can be a tough form to write for but I wrote this one in five minutes. What do you think?

roses that won’t bloom
there was water, soil, and sunlight
but nothing grew

The rules for writing a palindrome are: 1. You must use the same words in the first half of the poem as the second half, but 2. reverse the order for the second half, and 3. use a word in the middle as a bridge from the first half to the second half of the poem.

  My Love
mine love
like red rose
it for you, bloomed
no wondering or wandering
wandering or wondering, no
bloomed, you for it
rose red, like love


PAD Challenge day 16

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of the whole world you
are my other shoe
very soon I knew
you would take me through
we did not need glue
we are never blue


Today we had to write about our favorite something. Since I had said I would write love poetry this month, I wrote this for my groom. We have amazing chemistry and have never doubted that we are supposed to be together. So here’s a happy little fun poem about that for national poetry writing day 16.


PAD Challenge Day 6

  Pizza and Tacos
we work because we like the same food
pizza and tacos
we don’t try to be fancy or something we’re not
pizza and tacos
you can buy expensive or dollar menu
pizza and tacos
but you’re still just a hick from Missouri
pizza and tacos
you can’t hide the accent even with a mouth full
pizza and tacos
you can get plain meats or this month’s special
pizza and tacos
you can have it extra spicy or medium or hot
pizza and tacos
or be crazy and get the dessert kind
pizza and tacos
eat what you love with who you love
pizza and tacos
yes it’s greasy and some make fun 
pizza and tacos
but we’re satisfied and full
pizza and tacos
  April 6, 2018


Today’s prompt was to make your title about food and then just write. This is a love story poem believe it or not. Notice that the category this goes in is called “My Love Poems” because mine are unlike most other’s! My husband and I are super picky eaters. We eat almost no vegetables because we don’t like the taste of most of them. But this makes us perfect for each other. What makes you and your spouse perfect for each other?

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PAD Challenge Day 5

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Finding A Man

a guy
who was smart
because I wanted
a partner for life, not just now.
Laughter and honesty are great
but one day talking
will be all


Here is today’s poem. It is a Mirrored Fibonacci. I figured if I had to write a poem about intelligence, I would use a smart form of poetry!

I will be adding the definition of this poem form to my Definitions page soon, along with some others. Check back soon!

statue,gift from japan,summer,washington DC,by the river,husband and wife,

This is an old picture of us by a statue gifted to the USA from Japan.

PAD Challenge Day 4

  Case Study
his mouth
sometimes wrong
but his hands always
soft when he reaches out to me


This is the #aprpad poem for Day 4. Follow the hashtag and follow me across all of your social media sites to see great poetry.

As usual, I started beating myself up as I looked at some of the poems written this month by other poets. How can I be a poet that never writes love poems?? So I think on top of trying some new 5 and 6 line forms for National Poetry Writing Month, I will also try to write love poems. Leave me comments and tell me how you think I’m doing!

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Day 14 NaHaiWriMo 2018

saltwater taffy
pulling me closer to you
honeysuckle vine


The prompt for day 14 of National Haiku Writing Month was “pulling taffy”.

It was my birthday so while I wrote poetry, I did not want to spend time making a post. I will be catching up on writing my other 2 posts today as well. I wanted to spend Valentine’s loving on my husband and son, and I did. I also managed to write a love poem which I almost never do! Check out my stories today on Instagram and Facebook to see some photos.

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Anniversary Haiku

boy with tree,bradford pear trees,non-flowering pear tree,spring

in our yard
two trees on every trunk
two become one



I did not write this on my anniversary, but it is a wedding or wedding anniversary poem. Feel free to share it with your loved ones as long as you credit me as the author!

Have you ever written a poem for an anniversary?

Day 14 of NaHaiWriMo on Failing at Haiku

a wilting flower
still has colorful petals
sick together

We are halfway through National Haiku Writing Month! I hope you have been able to write some poems. Feel free to share your poetry in my comments section below!I hope you have a nice Valentine’s Day! I have been sick for the past week, but I am feeling much better today. My son is sick today, but we are together and enjoying Valentine’s Day. We (my husband, son, and I) got each other candy and chocolate and now we’re going to watch movies together, which is one of our favorite activities as a family. My husband took me to a play last night for my birthday. This morning, my actual birthday, he gave me a season of one of my favorite television shows that is no longer on t.v. In Plain Sight.
If you are unsure of the rules/definition/form of haiku then please go to my What is Haiku? page.
Don’t forget to check out the Facebook page where most of us haiku poets meet to get a prompt and share our work. Today’s prompt is “zinc”. Zinc is a metal, but it is a metal that we have to have in our bodies to be healthy. Our bodies are weird.
Even if you don’t write haiku, or even if it isn’t your favorite type of poetry, please consider sharing your friends’ and favorite bloggers’ work this month. Check out the hashtag #NaHaiWriMo on Twitter and Facebook.
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