Days 21 -25

Glass art piece


glowing cell phone

songbird with a broken back

under the window

she flew into a reflection

it wasn’t the real thing


Yes, it is a tanka, but at least I got something written.


only seeing

my part of the forest

blind squirrel


when the whole flock

lands at the birdfeeder

mom’s casserole


learning how far

he can project his voice

boy in the school play


trying to shape

the prettiest part of me

with a plastic brush

Okay guys, some of these are senryu rather than haiku, but this is what came out when I wrote for the prompts.
sidenote: This post did not come out okay, but I got my computer rebooted. Hopefully my desktop computer is working tomorrow because posting from the app is a nightmare for a poet.



sphinx at the WWI museum and monument

Sphinx at the World War I monument.

they say gargoyle
when they hear the sound he makes
I say prophet

I really reacted to today’s prompt after struggling over the last two. I also wrote a tanka for today and wanted to share it.

wondering why the
guardians look so evil
remembering that
evil ones have no mercy
they will not flee from sweet faces


I looked it up and gargoyle comes from the French word for throat, and not all dragon or lion-like statues are gargoyles. Only the ones that serve as water spouts are gargoyles, the decorative ones are called grotesques. They were named gargoyles because you could hear the water rushing out of them. That made me think of what the word “prophet” meant. Prophet means “to boil forth.” Also, the gargoyles were thought to ward off evil spirits. Disclaimer: I believe that only praying in Jesus’ name wards off evil, but tanka poems can use metaphors as they are often autobiographical. 
So I wrote these poems. There is a lot of false preaching out there, be sure to check what you hear against your Bible.


unwanted mail
an excuse to take a walk
across the yard

fresh snow,snowfall,the walk to the mailbox,








This is probably more of a senryu than a haiku.

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Quiet Stone Senryu

evening at the museum,nelson atkins galleria of art,art museum,

on quiet stone
the music of children’s feet
museum visitors


Going to museums with kids is actually fun. They see things in a different way, and they will make you think about pieces that you have seen before in a new way.

Infected with Haiku

plants man animals
united in death


Here is a poem I wrote a long time ago, back before I had learned the rules of haiku. I could never decide if this was a good haiku or even a good poem. If you were to look at the top of some of my posts, you will see that some poems are in both categories, haiku and senryu. This is another poem that I will post to both.

It’s not funny and senryu are supposed to be a bit humorous or at least poke fun at something. What do you think?

two dozen roses,flowers in black and white,budding roses,

Screaming Senryu

violets,5 o'clock flower,dual colored flower,di-colored flowers,purple and yellow flower,

screaming fax machine
she has a noble job but
tires of making copies

  July 18, 2016


Was it the fax machine screaming, or I? I forget.

This is your weekly haiku, I try to share originals every week. 

Day 21 NaHaiWriMo 2018

hot appetizers
the gossip just as hot
girl’s night out


Today’s prompt was “appetizers”. I usually do pretty good with food, but I had a hard time writing a haiku for this one. Have you been writing haiku for National Haiku Writing Month?

Failing at Haiku site photo,fah pic,haiku photography,symanntha renn's photo,photography by symanntha renn,new butterfly,butterfly and cocoon,wet butterfly,

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Day 20 NaHaiWriMo 2018

writing while he drives
sailing across the plains
in an iron wagon
Yesterday’s prompt was “a gentle rocking motion”. I took my mom to her 2nd Chemo, which means she is halfway done! I am not sure, but this may be a senryu since there isn’t really a nature element. Is sailing nature?

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Failing at Haiku site photo,fah pic,haiku photography,symanntha renn's photo,photography by symanntha renn,new butterfly,butterfly and cocoon,wet butterfly,

Emerge from the Dark


naked men tower
monsters emerge from the dark
women find their voice

  November 30, 2017


I wrote this senryu in wake of all of the women finally speaking up, or rather, speaking louder about sexual assault, rape, and being sexually harassed by a public figure. I realize more every day how lucky I am to NOT be a rape victim. I have had friends who were, which is why I write poetry about it. Also, apparently many of my favorite actors and singers are victims. I publish these pieces so those people know that they are heard.

2014 Senryu


a new me
my sunburn has peeled
July 2014


The picture above was taken in 2014. It is hard to find pictures of me by myself so here is one of me and my husband.

I don’t know why I haven’t shared all of my 2014 haiku with you guys, but I haven’t. I tried to go back through my old haiku in April, which is National Poetry Month and share all of the haiku that I had been too scared to share. Some of it I hadn’t shared because I was waiting for a good post, or a cute story to go with it and it never came so I shared without words. Leave me a comment and tell me if you prefer posts with just the poems and no words.

Senryu with Icing on Top


buttercream icing
my childhood birthday parties
homemade cake by aunt Beck


I can’t taste homemade icing without thinking of my Aunt Beckie.

Nice Senryu

everyone wants an
honest answer from us
as long as it’s nice

So this is not really haiku, and I almost erased it except that people on Twitter liked it so much. This may be senryu, but I think it’s a stretch. Read the definition for senryu on my What is Haiku? page and tell me what you think in the comments on this post.