NanoPoblano Day 2

If you go to the main site here you will find a quick explanation of what I’m doing this month. The resources page is where I got this neat little badge/image that I will be adding to my nablopomo posts.

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Today’s prompt is “something unlikely.”

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I am going to try to share some of my longer poems with you and possibly write some new poems this month. I will post Monday through Friday every week. I may or may not post to the blog on Saturdays and Sundays. I may put those posts on Instagram instead, we’ll see. Follow me on social media or by email. I do not do newsletters or spam you in any way. You will only be emailed links to my new posts. It’s unlikely, I know – but it’s true!!


dying embers can
be stirred ’til they burn hot
and glow rosy red
this is how wildfires start
abandoned fire rekindled


September is Sad

crumpled post-it note
the first of my classmates dies
a shock to us all
I forget how to spell her last name
it seems all our names have changed

RIP Ellen Doherty


It has been two years since the first of my friends, the first of my classmates has died. I know that I’ve been blessed, but it is still crazy to think that we have already lost a friend. She didn’t make it to 30. September is a sad month for me, I have had a lot of people die during this month. I seriously relate to that song “Wake me up when September ends.”

purslane flower,rose moss with white blooms,tiny flowers,small white flower,

Tanka for the Journey


rusted tracks
my journey rerouted again
learning to enjoy
sunshine wherever I am
letting God be my conductor


To go along with yesterday’s haiku, here is a tanka about learning to enjoy where you’re at. This is my most recent tanka. Have you learned to enjoy the detours and reroutes in life?

trains in kc mo, railway cars,box cars,train track,

Tanka History

tree leaves,sun in black and white,

heavy afternoon air
choices to make
but I can’t catch my breath
too much to handle at once


I just love the Tanka, here is some history on it:

Tankas often appear inside or alongside longer prose or narrative works. Lady Murasaki Shikibu’s foundational prose work The Tale of Genji, which dates to the early eleventh century and is sometimes called the world’s first novel, contains more than four hundred tankas. Many of the great tanka court poets were women, such as Akazome Emon (956–1041), Ono no Komachi (ca. 825–ca. 900), and Izumi Shikibu (ca. 970–1030). Here is one of Princess Nukata’s (ca. 630–690) tankas, “Yearning for the Emperor Tenji,” collected in the Man’yōshū:

     While, waiting for you,
My heart is filled with longing,
The autumn wind blows—
As if it were you—
Swaying the bamboo blinds of my door.

Starting in the nineteenth century, poets began to reconsider, reconfigure, and modernize the highly codified tanka form. This is especially evident in the work of the tanka poet Ishikawa Takuboku (1886–1912). The New Poetry Society, or Myōjō Poets (Morning Star Poets), and their chief rivals, the Negishi Tanka Society, brought tanka into the twentieth century. This traditional mood poem opened up to the currents of modern social and political life.

PAD Challenge Day 30

  Closing Time
the sun has set
all the flowers are closing
their vibrant blooms
summer is past
a new season comes


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Sorry, it has taken me so long, but here is my poem for day 30 of the PAD Challenge. The prompt was to do a poem about closing time. I just could not get myself to write anything for day 28 or 29 so on May 3rd I finally called it and ended the challenge for myself with this tanka.

What do you think of my poems for this challenge? Which one was your favorite?


PAD Challenge Day 27

timber,small grove of trees,trees in fall,leafless trees,walnut tree,

These are walnuts trees, just play along!

the forest in spring
a sapling and an oak tree
grow together
their many branches touching
supporting wild honeysuckle




So I managed to write two more poems for the PAD Challenge (click on the next arrow above to see the last one). Just so you know, I will NEVER do this again! I understand now why I haven’t made this a yearly thing. My life is slow in February so I can write every day for NaHaiWriMo. But April is my prep month for everything that happens in May, and Easter, plus 3 very important birthdays all in the same week. I will never attempt this challenge again, so please look back through the PAD Challenge posts and enjoy them. I may try to make my own Write Every Weekday Challenge in June or something. We will see how the beginning of the summer shakes out. I know there were others who said April is a bad month for them, we shall see. Comment below  and tell me if you would like to try a challenge and what month you would want to try it in.


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PAD Challenge Day 22

you expect to find
cacti in the dry desert
not on the prairie
and yet here they are growing
because you grow where you’re planted
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The prompt was to write about a plant. Haiku don’t have titles, as many of you who have read that post know, so I wrote a tanka.


Denim Day 2018

sexual violence,rape poem,rape culture,sexual abuse,denim day,

Photo from Peace Over Violence Facebook page.

he called her a whore
school official stood quiet
crime of silence
he could have stood up for her
instead he erased emails


I have already mentioned Denim Day in this past post, and I already shared a poem for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, but I wanted to share a poem on Denim Day 2018 as well. So here is a poem from a long time ago. I believe I wrote it the day the verdict was handed down. I hope you wore your jeans today.

Forgotten Tanka on Tanka Tuesday

field,farmland,farm,midwest america,autumn,fall,autumn colors, 


   Autumn Colors
the season of dying
everyone’s favorite time
they like the colors
but forget the lesson
die to be born again
  September 6, 2017


So I had saved this little poem about me wondering why people think the way that they do, and I forgot to save it to my master file of tanka and haiku. But I found it!
What do you think?


Tanka Tuesday Domesticated

rose's thorn, rose thorn 
raspberry bush
along with the red red rose
the only plants
that while domesticated
still feel the need for thorns
Have you ever realized that roses are the only “flower” that have thorns? They are probably the most popular flower in the world and they naturally have thorns. Why do we love what hurts us?

Tanka Tuesday – Social Work

  Social Work

if I am killed by

an addict or someone

unstable at least

I died while helping others

you can say “at least she tried”


What will be, will be. In case I have a hard time getting my poem for today posted, I wanted to continue with Tanka Tuesday. I did something unusual with this poem, I usually like my line breaks to be clean, but these lines wrap around to the next line. Leave me some comments, I love getting feedback and knowing how my poem affected you.


Tanka Tuesday | Aging

the best skipping stones
are at the bottom of the
pond, already thrown
the ducks will not bring them up
so I am empty handed



I wrote this on Day 20 of NaHaiWriMo. I had taken my mother to a chemo treatment and aging was on my mind. I forget what made me think of skipping rocks on a pond, maybe it was a reflecting pool that I saw. Anyway, since I have been talking about mom, and letting the experience influence my writing, I thought that I would share a picture of her doing her chair time. You can see many more pictures of my weekly life if you follow the link to my Instagram.