Infected with Haiku

plants man animals
united in death


Here is a poem I wrote a long time ago, back before I had learned the rules of haiku. I could never decide if this was a good haiku or even a good poem. If you were to look at the top of some of my posts, you will see that some poems are in both categories, haiku and senryu. This is another poem that I will post to both.

It’s not funny and senryu are supposed to be a bit humorous or at least poke fun at something. What do you think?

two dozen roses,flowers in black and white,budding roses,


Day 16 of NaHaiWriMo

photoshopped flower,white flower,white peoni,fully bloomed peoni,

the blue jay squawks
telling the dog something
a zinger I’m sure

If you are unsure of the rules or form of haiku, please go to my What is Haiku? page. You can stop by the Facebook page where most of us poets meet to get a prompt and try crafting a haiku poem yourself. Yesterday’s prompt was “zinger”. I feel like I didn’t do that great, but at least I wrote a poem and got it posted.

Her Head Exploded

robin blue,robin eggs in nest,blue eggs in a nest,

Her Head Exploded

very quietly
her head exploded
it erupted like a chick
cracking open its egg
her sanity poured out
in spectacular form

So last week on Thursday I shared a poem that was the first small stone poem I wrote in 2015. This week I will continue to share my small stones poetry with you. I am sharing them in chronological order.
This was also written for a prompt by Written River. Some great poetry gets posted to that hashtag on Twitter. If you haven’t searched for that tag on Twitter, I highly recommend you try it.

Mooing on Day 26 of #NaPoWriMo

black angus cows,cattle,yellow iris,irises,cows and flowers,cows in field,wire fence,


cows moo in the field

birds shriek from a nearby tree

what are they saying

we call it a symphony

I wonder if it’s a rant


So I finally picked a word and wrote a poem for it. Once again, we had to pick a word and make it the title. We were given a list of words to choose from, they were words invented by Shakespeare. Apparently he basically invented over 1,700 words, 800 of which we still use  in the English language today.

A haiku and an announcement.

moon in mist, cloudy night, moon in the clouds, moon with cloud, luna

the ice is off the trees
sinking into the mud
worm moon

Apparently the full moon that appears in March is known as the “Worm Moon” because this is the month that the worms come back out. The ice melts into the ground and makes the ground soft enough for them to poke through. I have seen a ton of them this last month, how about you? My flowers are all poking up through the ground, are yours?

Also, I have moved to a new Facebook page. Please visit it and consider “Liking” it if you still do Facebook. Some bloggers have huge followings on Facebook but Facebook is not a site that pulls in readers for me, and never has been. If people will follow me on this page and like my posts I will keep using Facebook. If I do not get more interaction on it than I was getting, then I am going to delete all of my Facebook pages. I have a lot of things to do and messing with Facebook doesn’t have to be one of them if that is not where my readers are. Remember that you can also follow me on Twitter and Bloglovin’. Give me a share so I know what platforms you like!!

Opossum Haiku

sunset, pink sky, evening on the farm, sun going down


spilled grain
muddy footprints
opossum in the barn


Springtime is here. What activity do you see that lets you know it is spring? Are you seeing different birds? What routines do you have to change now that the season has changed?

The flowers seem to droop.

flowers seem to droop

their friend the bee is missing

silent spring


As annoying as it is to have bugs eat up my pretty flowers, I think I am not going to use any insecticides this year. I barely used any last year. I would rather have flowers with holes in them than flowers with no bees. Last year I planted sage in my flowerbed and sprinkled all of my flowers with chili powder and the animals and bugs seemed to leave them alone.
chili powder insecticide, hosta, how to deter slugs

I Envy Crooked Hills

# 498

I envy Seas, whereon He rides –
I envy Spokes of Wheels
Of Chariots, that Him convey –
I envy Crooked Hills

That gaze upon His journey –
How easy All can see
What is forbidden utterly
As Heaven – unto me!

I envy Nests of Sparrows –
That dot His distant Eaves –
The wealthy Fly, upon His Pane –
The happy – happy Leaves –

That just abroad His Window
Have Summer’s leave to play –
The Ear Rings of Pizarro
Could not obtain for me –

I envy light – that wakes Him –
And Bells – that boldly ring
To tell Him it is Noon, abroad –
Myself – be Noon to Him –

Yet interdict – My Blossom –
And abrogate – my Bee –
Lest Noon in Everlasting Night –
Drop Gabriel – and Me –

She capitalizes a lot of words that she shouldn’t but I like that. I always try to caps things that don’t need to be. I see capitalization as importance and think we should capitalize more words.

October Haiku

park, duck, spring



geese breaking the silence

at day break


How is October going for you?

Fall Poetry with Emily

I love how many exclamation points she uses in this poem. I tend to use them excessively. What punctuation mark do you find yourself using a lot?

As I stated in this blog post I will be posting Emily Dickinson’s poetry for a while.

  # 74

A Lady red – amid the Hill

Her annual secret keeps!

A Lady white, within the Field

In placid Lily sleeps!


The tidy Breezes, with their Brooms

Sweep vale – and hill – and tree!

Prithee, My pretty Housewives!

Who may expected be?


The Neighbors do not yet suspect!

The Woods exchange a smile!

Orchard, and Buttercup, and Bird –

In such a little while!


And yet, how still the Landscape stands!

How nonchalant the Hedge!

As if the “Resurrection”

Were nothing very strange!

Wednesday’s Throwback Poem

I like poem #61 because it shows how sensitive Emily was.
Are you a sensitive person?


# 61

Papa above!

Regard a Mouse

O’erpowered by the cat!

Reserve within thy kingdom

A “Mansion” for the Rat!


Snug in seraphic Cupboards

To nibble all the day,

While unsuspecting Cycles

Wheel solemnly away!

Lunchtime Haiku

eating greens

for lunch today

happy rabbit


hosta flower, hosta plant

Taken before the rabbit got to it.

What are you having for lunch today?