6 Years of Blogging

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red squirrel

taking a walk on the trail

my son chases him



Today is my blogging anniversary. I’ve been chasing this lifestyle for 6 years now. I have enjoyed it and I plan to continue. Life has not gone where I wanted it to, and I’ve been hit with quite a few sad surprises that have affected my writing this last year. Depression wants to creep in and take over, but I am finding ways to combat that. Surprisingly this time around, writing has not been my main outlet. Prayer and meditation have been. Prayer has always been a part of my life, but rarely the main part. For the last year, daily prayer (as in Quiet Time that lasts for an hour or more) and reading Christian self-help inspirational books, and caring for my son (of course!) has been my main focus. But I am writing here and there.
The haiku above is one of my newest. I hope to start writing more regularly soon. I plan to blog more than once a week from here on out. Thanks for reading, and leaving me such great comments! I hope you all are writing regularly and are brave enough to share it.


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FF | Songs

Friday Fictioneers is a group of bloggers who write 100-word stories after being inspired by a photo posted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The photos are taken by other Friday Fictioneers. You can join in by adding a link to your story to the blue frog link-up on Rochelle’s page. We are allowed to use the photo in our post and encouraged to leave each other nice comments. I write my story before I read any of the other writers’ creations, although I do often read Rochelle’s post before I write mine since it is right under the photo of the week. This week’s short story is

As always, Thank You for reading.

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PHOTO PROMPT © Björn Rudberg



Their life together was like a symphony. Maybe there was a wrong note from a finger that slipped once, but the music was so beautiful that no one noticed. They were the couple that everyone aspired to. For their 10th Anniversary, Joe learned to play the violin and composed a song just for Julie. For their 50th Anniversary, their children flew them to Hawaii. The paper featured their picture on their 75th Anniversary. Harvey read about their happy lives while laying in his cell. He wondered what the story would have been had he proposed at Prom instead of Joe.




No Blossom

moonflower plant,full bloom,blossoms,moonflowers at night time,

no blossom
on the moonflower vine
all is darkness

So things continue to be crazy. We are now 8 months into the year, and I cannot wait for December to get here. I made it 29 years without breaking a bone, but I broke one on the 10th. I broke my pinky toe.

And I know what most of you are thinking: It’s just a toe and the doctors can’t do anything for you. Just wear your flip-flops until you feel better.

Well, if you know about my foot and leg, you might realize that it is not that easy. And yes, it was the toe on my left foot. The foot on which I have had surgery. If you have not read through my testimony page, I will try to sum it up for you. I am missing some muscles in my left foot and my left leg. My left leg is also 1/4 inch shorter than my right left, so I have to insert a rubber lift into my left shoe. That shoe cannot be a high heel because I don’t really have an ankle so I can’t keep shoes like that on my feet. I also have limited movement in that ankle/foot. When the doctors cut the foot to move a large muscle, those cuts severed some nerves. The top of my foot in front of my toes, and the tops of my toes are numb. But they still have some feeling! Although I almost walk in a normal fashion (which was the point of the surgery) I cannot flex my toes up, and my left foot doesn’t flex all the way up.

I cannot wear flip-flops or any open shoe because the lift falls out, and shoes like that usually fall off of my left foot. Then my back works itself out-of-place and puts me in pain. Even though I wear my lift in appropriate shoes (sneakers) 95% of the time, my back still works itself out-of-place. Then the domino effect happens: my rib heads twist and my pelvic bones twist, and after they are all inflamed, my neck vertebrae will work themselves out-of-place and give me major headaches. I do Pilates and stretches in an effort to keep my muscles strong and everything in place, but I still have problems.

Anyway, I managed to break my pinky toe by stubbing it on the wheel of a roll-y chair. I was home sick from work, with a fever. So I took some cold medicine that always makes me nauseous and dizzy. I figured since I was going to be home, it was okay to feel that yucky. I got up to walk back to my bedroom for a ponytail holder, and as I was walking past the computer chair to step into the hallway, I hit my toe on the chair. Also, the day before I had to have blood drawn for a test so I was extra weak from that. Yeah, it’s been a fantastic week.

This occasion was all the more ludicrous because the 10th of August marked the 11th year of my husband and I being together. Our Wedding Anniversary is in July, but we have now been “together” for 11 years. I spent the day in bed, and my husband spent the day entertaining our son in the living room and bringing me stuff. I promised him that next year would be better.

Today is the 5th Anniversary of me blogging. I promise to try to do better next year. Stick with me and we’ll see how I do.

Century Cinquain

world war one,ww1 memorial,liberty memorial in kansas city,

Century Cinquain 
It has
been a century of building
wars and rebuilding and
waiting for peace,
sweet peace.



Somehow I wrote this and forgot to share it. I wish I had shared it in October of last year when I wrote it. It was the 100th anniversary of something. I think I saw this prompt on Twitter right next to a tweet about the 100th year anniversary of WWI.

Those Days


Some Days retired from the rest

In soft distinction lie

The Day that a Companion came

Or was obliged to die



Do you mark people’s birthdays on your calendar that have passed away? I still make a note on my Grandmother and Grandfathers birthdays.


It has been six months today, so I thought it would be appropriate to share this now.

I wrote these after the May 22nd Tornado went through Joplin Missouri.  I feel awkward writing about something that didn’t really happen to me (I live in a small town near Joplin) but I know that I wasn’t the only non-Joplin resident to be deeply affected by the destruction.  And writing is how I process the world and what I am going through….so…like it or not…here ya go.



Alone, tears falling down

Struggling to see where God is

It’s hard to see Him

When He has us

Enclosed in His palm


Faith Comes In

Faith comes in

It winds its way across the ground

Past the rubble

Even when there are tears

Tears and blood smearing our faces

Faith pops up

Suddenly light breaks on us

We can see the sun in the sky

The rain stops

And we know its okay

Life goes on and we are alive

We stand up

Survey the damage

Then we spread the hope to others


I Picked Up Debris Today

I picked up debris today,

from out of the yard.

Nondescript pieces of paper,

pieces of plastic, shingles and more plastic.

I tried to figure out where the plastic came from.

My mind did not want to accept

that it came from Joplin.

Did the tornado really come that close?

Is the wreckage really that widespread?

Insulation covers most of it

and I am not missing any shingles from my roof.

No, this is not just a piece of plastic in my hand.

This is a piece of someone’s broken home.

I tell myself not to be dramatic, this can’t be

from a home in Joplin.

But I realize I am trying to distance

myself from the damage.

I don’t want pieces of someone’s broken home in my yard.

But here it lies with the shingles that have no roof.

© May 27, 2011 by Symanntha Renn