Flock of Birds

despite the chaos
we still have fun together
a loud flock of birds

This poem was inspired by a #writtenriver prompt which you can find on Twitter. I keep waiting for life to calm down and get in a rhythm. I like rhythms, I like routine with short bouts of crazy. But the last two years have been crazy with bouts of routine. I don’t know if life will get calmer, but I am enjoying it. I am enjoying my son and my husband and doing life with people in my community. 

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Shrouded Spring

birds shrouded in mist
they chirp knowing spring is
but a cloud away


Spring looks like it has already arrived in much of the USA. How does your area look?

swarming birds,flock of black birds,migration,morning,

Day 16 NaHaiWriMo 2017

my path to joy

swallows dipping in the sky

never a straight line


Today’s prompt was to write about something in nature. I had the image of swallows in my head and wanted to write about that. What do you think?

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Symanntha Renn

Chirping Haiku

bird in DC,washington dc, wash. d.c.,brown bird,

solid stone
birds chirping in the tree
whine of the metro





There was something about the juxtaposition of the sharp chirp of birdsong and the sharp whine of the metro in Washington D.C. The sounds of the metro have stayed with me. I have good hearing and there were times the sounds of the subway were almost deafening.

Blue Bird Haiku


two blue birds
sing from the green bushes
my hand empty


I like it when I can take a proverb or well-known story and write about it in a different way. I am doing better with staying positive, but it is still an attitude/mindset that is hard to master.

Planting Marigolds on Day 16 of #NaPoWriMo

marigold flower,yellow petals,yellow flower,summer flower


putting marigold

flowers next to tomatoes

to keep away bugs

a fake owl for the birds

but no decoy for squirrels

We were supposed to write about Science today, but I just wasn’t feeling it. This tanka is what I came up with. My post tomorrow will come late in the day. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. You can also sign up to follow this blog with your email.

Hello? It’s haiku calling.

bird on tree, tree with bird

stepping outside

leaving the cellphone inside

so I can hear the birds call


Are you setting limits? When was the last time you unplugged?

Emily and Birds

Emily seemed to absolutely love birds. I think they are okay, but I think she must have loved them.



Most she touched me by her muteness –

Most she won me by the way

She presented her small figure –

Plea itself – for Charity –


Were a Crumb my whole possession –

Were there famine in the land –

Were it my resource from starving –

Could I such a plea withstand –


Not upon her knee to thank me

Sank this Beggar from the Sky –

But he Crumb partook – departed –

And returned On High –


I supposed – when sudden

Such a Praise began

‘Twas the Winged Beggar –

Afterward I learned

To her Benefactor

Making Gratitude

Last Light

sun setting, orange sky, cloudy sunset

Last Light

Do you ever notice

At the end of the day

As the sun sends out, its last ray

The world’s a little warmer

The colors so bright

At that last light

The greens greener, the reds so red

The birds begin to call

As the night does fall

It’s as if, as the sun dies

It sends out one last spark

So that we might make it through the dark
I hope you all have a good night!

A quote about sunlight.

Birds sing after a storm. Why shouldn’t people feel as free to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them?   -Rose Kennedy


Everybody’s got something to be thankful for. Name something that you are thankful for in the comments.

First Hard Frost

first hard frost is here
the grass, a silver forest
hope the birds have flown


Fall has come again. Time outside is limited, and time itself seems limited as the days grow shorter.

What are you struggling to get done during the day?

Wandering in the open

pea ridge Arkansas battlefield


Living in the Open


naked trees against the sky

the birds have no where to hide

their nests are bared to the world

like living in a glass house

is this why they fly down south

to hide in the greenery

to love and live in secret

the birds that stayed caw away

they want you to see, no shame

I really do wonder if the leaves falling off of the trees make them realize they have less hiding places.