Jet Trails in the Sky

my photo,fluffy clouds,picture from a plane,

Taken out of a plane window.

jet trails in the sky
my son only knows one speed
doers are never still
I wrote this for a #microprompt on Twitter. I am going to classify it as a haiku since it mentions the sky.
My son’s birthday is today. He is definitely an active child, has been since he was in the womb. I remember at one appointment, the doctor was having trouble finding his heartbeat. I asked her if something was wrong, and she said “No. He’s running from me, I can feel him turning. Let’s wait for him to calm down and I’ll try again.” So we just talked quietly and she suddenly stuck the machine to my stomach and got a reading on his heartbeat before he could move again.
He is mischievous but kind. He knows how to mind and be respectful of others. I truly do have a wonderful child.
 DSCN2551 DSCN2596 DSCN2877IMG_0669 IMG_1392 IMG_7432

Senryu with Icing on Top


buttercream icing
my childhood birthday parties
homemade cake by aunt Beck


I can’t taste homemade icing without thinking of my Aunt Beckie.

Flooding Haiku

honeysuckle,white honey suckle,flowers by the river,

graduation and birthday parties to plan –
the creeks flood

 May 2015

I wrote this for #Haikuchallenge on Twitter. I have been trying to write 1 line haiku, but it is really hard to write one that looks right.

Haiku with Bling

CPAP mask on pillow

bling for his
birthday present
alert bracelet

I have bought three alert bracelets so far in my life. They were for other people. What kind of gifts do you give? I often give people books.

Day 12 of NaHaiWriMo

the week of my birthday
Valentine’s Day

Sorry it’s late. I have had a crazy long week. I think I am going to have a fun weekend though. My post for tomorrow may be late too.

If you are unsure of the rules/definition/form of haiku then please go to my What is Haiku? page. Feel free to direct any friends there who may be unsure of what is happening in the poetry community this month.
Also, tell them to check out the Facebook page where most of us poets meet to get a prompt and share our work. Today’s prompt was “zeugma” (a Western term for a word that has a meaning with what comes before and after it).

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morning glory hosta plant,shade plants,hostas,close up of hosta leaf,hosta flower,

Crab Haiku

behind the fish tank

huge spider crabs
animal loving son
hurries past tank


For his 5th birthday we took my son to Sea*Life and Lego Land. He loved it and was asking to come back for his next birthday before we had even left. He loves animals and loves the cartoon Octonauts. He was super excited to get to meet Kawzi, which was his birthday surprise from us. I hope you all had a good week.
What kinds of surprises have you planned for your child on their birthday?