Fat Tanka

honey bee,bees,purple sage flowers,missouri flowers,

Spirit Animal

symbols of change
butterfly and dragonfly
are popular ones
I defied the odds like the
fat little bumblebee

June 30, 2016


Did you know that the bumblebee should be incapable of flying? Scientists don’t know how they do it.

I have gained weight in the last two years, and I have not lost it. But I have had good changes in my life too. I am surviving. It may not be pretty, but I am surviving in this world. 


The Life of a Butterfly in Pictures.

*These photos were taken over the course of 3 years and are not of the same caterpillar/butterfly.


insect eggs

caterpillar in flowerbed

pupa, caterpilla making cocoon

cocoon just finshed, butterfly cocoon

light colored butterfly cocoon

older butterfly cocoon chrysallis

butterfly emerging from cocoon

new butterfly wet

empty butterfly cocoon

wet butterfly flapping its wings dry

piece of butterfly cocoon

butterfly on red flower


Butterfly Haiku

tiger lily butterfly on red flower

butterfly sits

waiting for gentle breeze


Do you ever pray for direction?

How do you decide where to go, when you’re not sure where to go?

Wandering through Servitude

garden angel broken

Serving Broken

Can a broken vessel serve God

Can it hold rain water

Sent to moisten the sod

Can a broken vessel glisten

And bring forth light

Can it make hurried people listen

Can I stop hearts

And mend broken thinking

Can I pull carts

Loaded with good will

And peace for all men

Fates- can I unseal

Can I pull men out from the fire

Dust off the ashes

And show them Godly desire

A worm encased lies

Before me starts a process

And comes out a butterfly



Do you ever wonder if you are good enough to serve God?

You are.

God has used beggars, thieves, murderers and even a donkey to relay his messages.

Beauty in the Garden ~Wandering Wednesday~

angel statue in flower bed


Beauty in the Garden


Vines slowly grow ‘round the angel

Sitting so sweetly still in the garden

Orange flowers caress her pedestal

And the purple flowers dance before her

Butterflies flutter by lazily

Beetles scuttle by unnoticed by her

For she is stone and unmoved

By the beauty before her


This is my little flowerbed. This poem was actually inspired by this statue and the flowers around it.

Have you ever wrote a poem about something that was right outside your front window?