Day 11 NaHaiWriMo 2018

cows at the pond
drinking from the same glasses
since childhood


Today’s prompt was “Pilsner glasses” but I wrote about regular drinking glasses. Has anyone else went to visit grandpa’s house as an adult and ended up drinking out of a glass that you know you drank out of when you were 3 or so?

Haiku is usually not written in three sentence fragments or one complete sentence. There is usually one fragment and a phrase in the other two lines. The fragment is separated by a kireji, or a cutting word. The word should be so strong that the reader takes a mental pause as they are reading your haiku. Some people call this point in the haiku “the twist” as this is where the two pieces of the poem come together. Boring and unspecific haiku is called gendai.

Haiku does not use metaphor, personification, simile, or many other poetic devices found in other forms of poetry. The poem is about the essence of a moment, and the moment should be so poignant that it does not need personification. Do not write a haiku that is only about how the rose in your garden is pretty. This is referred to as “garden haiku” because it is bland and boring, and there are far too many of them out there. Your haiku should contain something specific about the moment that you are writing about.

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Senryu with Icing on Top


buttercream icing
my childhood birthday parties
homemade cake by aunt Beck


I can’t taste homemade icing without thinking of my Aunt Beckie.

A Haiku about My Childhood

rotting tree stump, short tree stump

a stump levels
my childhood memories
shade tree gone



College starts for me today. My posts may be erratic and short, but I promise I will keep putting up new poetry!

Day 10 – 30 Day Photography Challenge

Day 10 is Childhood Memory

This is a stuffed bunny called Boo-Boo that I have had since before I can remember. I got him from my aunt.


boo-boo bunny