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Today’s prompt from the Somethingist Challenge was to a post about “something illuminated” so I thought I would share this poem. I wrote this on a Wednesday Night as Bible Study started. Our churches offer so many ways to help, but people do not take advantage. People are always saying they want answers, but then they say that they don’t have time for church. The answers to many questions that you have, about yourself, and about society, are in the Bible. People who go to church regularly know this, but are too afraid (or lazy) to invite friends to church. People who read their Bibles regularly find so much comfort by what they read, but yet they hesitate to recommend that book to friends when discussing books, or discussing how confusing life can be. Volunteering at the church brings so much confidence and fulfillment, but people want someone else to do it while they sit at home and complain about how they have nothing to do and no friends to do it with.


Lazy Christians
drops of water hit the pond’s surface
but make no ripple or echo
corn stalks grow but produce no fruit
words are spoken and heard
but nobody moves no hand stirs
the fields are furrowed and tilled
but no one drops seeds
then they cry as they starve
wondering why nothing grew
while seeds rot in the shed


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Why I Bother

The below article was written by me for our church members last year. I have noticed a lack of passion in the women in our churches lately and thought I would share in case I might inspire some of my readers. There has been a noticeable decrease in attendance across all churches of all sizes and this saddens me. Please consider this post the sign or battle cry that you have been looking for.

  Written July 31, 2016

Last week I saw an article that National WMU had shared on their Facebook page. I got so excited, thinking that this is the article that I have been waiting for! It was entitled _Why Bother?_ The tagline asked “So, why bother? Why not spend those precious moments and dollars on ourselves and our families?” I read the article, it was less than a page long, and I was disappointed. The author simply stated that during an interaction with some younger people she remembered being called by God to spread the gospel, and that is why she keeps going to WMU meetings and events. I was surprised that she stopped there when I could have shared so many other things. I shared the article on our Women On Mission Diamond page because it is a little helpful if you have already been answering that call, but it was definitely not the battle cry I was expecting.

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Double Rainbow

And it does need to be a battle cry. We get asked to do so many things every week, and they are good things. We get asked to birthday parties and Pampered Chef Parties, to meetings at school and conventions at work, we get asked to volunteer at the multiple shelters near our town. To say “Yes” to one is to say “No” to at least one of the others. I have quickly accepted women’s responses when they tell me no, they can’t make it to Women On Mission meetings. Sometimes their reasons are good! So, I have examined myself and the way I direct my church’s Women On Mission. I have thought about moving the meeting day to a day other than Sunday. But the truth is there is always somewhere else we could be, rather than church. And no matter what time I set the meeting, 4:30 pm, 5:00 pm, 7:30 pm, the ladies will always have to find a sitter for their kids, and they will have to make dinner for their family before or after the meeting.

half of a moon
all of an hour
meeting night

I have discussed this with one of my officers at length, several times, and the conclusion we have come to every time is: that it is a sacrifice you have to decide you are willing to make. Families sacrifice having dinner at a normal time when they drive to Springfield to see a ball game. Women sacrifice time with their kids and money that they worked hard for when they go to a Thirty-One party and buy totes (or whichever party is popular this month). It really does come down to: are you willing to sacrifice one more hour a week, one more interruption in your schedule, so that others may know Christ? If you can find someone to watch your kids while you are at a party, or if you can travel for miles to see a ball game that you have no stake in, why can’t you travel back to church after lunch to make sure that the gospel is spread to people in your community? (And please don’t say it’s up to the Preacher, he can’t reach the 30,000 unsaved people all by himself.)


The word “Missions” seems to be scaring women. Maybe I need to explain what we do a little better. We do not stand on the street corner trying to get passersby to take Bible tracts. We do not go on Missions trips overseas, or out of state. We don’t literally walk up to people and start preaching the gospel to them and ask them if they have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their savior. We use the holidays that our church celebrates to introduce people to the church, and let them see what it’s like to be surrounded by the love of God. 


For instance: we collect, stuff, and hide eggs on Easter. The missions part is that we have the kids listen to a story about Jesus before they can hunt the eggs. And if their parents are paying attention, then they get a lesson on Jesus as well. We make all of our events free so that any parents struggling with being able to provide for their child can bring their kid to FBC Diamond and get some snacks and/or gifts for free, while hanging out with other kids, in an environment that is safe and loving. Sometimes we have events specifically for adults, or sometimes we just do small projects where we try to show people love in small ways.

  our church
  our kitchen our buses
  everyone’s God

The statistics say that a person has to hear the gospel over 7 times before they accept Jesus as their Savoir. WOM tries to take the gospel to our community several times a year so that the people in our community can come closer and closer to knowing Christ. There are several unsaved people in your area, and it is your job as a Christian to take the story of Jesus dying on the cross to them. You can find a map that shows the stats for every county in the State of Missouri and it shows there are over 10,000 unsaved people in every county. I am willing to bet that you might even have an unsaved family member.

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Maybe you’ve tried to talk to your unsaved family member about God and coming to church, or maybe you were too afraid. A family member is the hardest person to witness to. Very often we are dismissed by them. But if I witness to your brother, and you witness to mine, we can witness to all of our family over time. And, I will not be personally hurt or offended when someone who I don’t know shrugs me off and doesn’t respond to the gospel. With a family member or friend, it is hard to go back to them after they have rejected your efforts. You fear causing a rift with your loved one. But when we work as a group to show our community the love of Christ, it’s possible to see people learn who Jesus really is.


I can’t promise you that you will see a person fall to their knees and yell “I repent.” and then become a model Christian. In 5 years I’ve never seen anything close to that, although I had hoped to at first. Now I realize, this group of women does not host these events, and pray for people, hoping that they will see people dramatically come to Christ. They make meals, they make trips to supply stores, and glue things together, hoping that at least one person this weekend felt loved by God. This is a great reason to partner with someone, and that is why I bother.

Counterfeit Dollars

I saw a peck of counterfeit dollars once. Did I go to the window and throw away all my good dollars? No! Yet you reject Christianity because there are hypocrites, or counterfeit Christians. –William E. Biderwolf


I have a book of old Christian quotes. I don’t know who most of the people are, but the sayings in the book of 10,000 positive quotes are amazing.

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Child, stop weeping.

Child, stop weeping.
God already knows.
And even while you’re sleeping,
His eyes never close.


I couldn’t find a poem of mine that I felt like sharing; so I dug through my archives and found this little poem that always lifts my spirits.


Walking on Wandering Wednesday

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Walking the Path

I am seeking Your glory Lord

I am seeking to find

Your way, Your will, Your path for me

I seek Your face and Your holiness

I seek the better way

For thus far my path has been fraught

With thistles thorns, puddles and plagues

I have slipped into deep dark holes

Only to find my way back out by Your light

Your shining light, ever breaking through the darkness

As I sat wet, cold and shivering

Your fire came into my soul

And lit me up

I was warm, comforted and unafraid

I found a rock, a solid place on which to stand

The demons of the night bother me no more

You have closed my ears to their cries

I am filled with Your love for me

And I will trample the scorpions

Onward I go until I meet my journey’s end



I’m seeking the path that the Lord would have me follow. I think I’ve found it for now. How are you doing?

Friday’s Quote

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I believe in the Sun even when it is not shining,

I believe in Love even when I cannot feel it,

And I believe in God even when he is silent.

-Words scratched on the walls of a cellar in Cologne, Germany during the Holocaust, by a Jew.


I will usually not do religious quotes, but seeing as how it’s Good Friday, I thought I would put up one of my very favorite quotes. This has come to my mind during some very difficult times, and helped me to get through.

Being Lead on Wandering Wednesday

trail in the woods

Lead Us Holy Spirit

Take us by the hand
Holy Spirit, oh so grand
Take us and pull us along
Let us not go where it is wrong
Love us and lead us all the day
To the other side, let us not sway



Here is another little ditty of mine for you to enjoy. I thought I would put up some Christian ones since it is Passover week.

Always feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment box.

Wandering which way?

rainbow in cloud

Is This Path Right?

When I go, when I die

Will I go, to that place in the sky

Will angels sing and saints rejoice

Did I choose, the right choice

Where my hands, soft and giving

Was I righteous, in my living

Will the gate swing wide

Will Jesus be at my side

Is this old path right

Is heaven within my sight

Lord pull me the right way

Up or down, who can say


How’s lent going for those of you who are practicing this year?

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